How does Odysseus introduce himself to the Phaeacians? “I am Odysseus Laeteres a name well known as one who ready for any event, my home is Ithaca”
Describe how Odysseus rescued his men from the Lotus Eaters. Brought back to the ship by force and tied them up
What kind of social life do the Cyclopes have? Selfish, lawless, don’t care for each other, violent
Why did Odysseus ignore the crew’s suggestion? He wanted to see if the cyclops would be welcoming and offer food and drink
What will be Polyphemus’ gift to Odysseus? Odysseus will be the last one to be eaten
Explain why Polyphemus’s brothers did not help him. He said “Noman” was killing me by craft and not by force
What was Odysseus reasoning as he called out to Polyphemus that he, Odysseus, was the one who put out his eye? He wanted to rub it in and brag about it The mistake was he said his name and where he is from
Why did Aeolus let the West Wind out? So it could carry the ships along
Why did the ships go back to Aeolia? The crew members open the bag given to Odysseus they thought gold and silver was in it and when they opened it the winds all blew out
What kind of Xenia(hospitality) do Odysseus’s men encounter among the Laedtrygonains? Death- they are all except one ship they were cannibals
How does Herm├Ęs help Odysseus? He had given him a charm (moly) that would protect his head; and be told him what to do
What does Odysseus’s response to Circe’s invitation sat about the power of oath? He wouldn’t eat or drink until crew warfare Oath-sacred not to be broken even gods and goddesses
Why does Odysseus briefly consider killing his own friend and kinsman Eurylochus, and what does this say about Odysseus’s character? He did not trust him, backstabbed him, he was a threat to authority, Odysseus is very hot headed
Where does Circe tell Odysseus he must go before heading home? Go to the house of Hades and ask directions from Teiresia
Teiresia Blind prophet
What happens if you get the Lotus Flower? You go into a trance and don’t want to leave
How long were Odysseus and his crew stay with Circe? 1 year; this is was a flaw because there intent was to go home
Book 10: Lesson Maturity and discipline are required
How did men escape the cave of Polyphemus? He was blinded, they tied themselves under sheeps and rams
Soothsayer A fine tall fellow Telemos Eurymedes a famous slayer
What did Odysseus not know? Poseidon will destroy him
How did Odysseus act during book 9? Bragger, prideful, cocky
Why didn’t Aeolus help them for the second time? Didn’t want gods against him
What did Eurylochus do on Circe’s island? Explored, he sensed evil in Circe
Who told Odysseus and crew to go to the underworld? Circe
Who asked to be buried and mourned? Why? Elpenor, or he may draw god’s vengeance upon Odysseus
Describe what will happen if Odysseus or his men harm the cattle of Helios the Sun. Destruction for your ship and crew
How did Anticleia die? Odysseus mother; she had missed her son, he converses then with other souls
Why does Odysseus agree to stay with the Phaeacians? If he comes home with lots of gifts Ithacaians will like him
What does Alcinous mean when he tells Odysseus “…you have told your tale with the skill of a bard?” He was a very skillful poet
Who was still furious with Odysseus and why? Aias because of a contest of armor for the armory of Achilles
What did Odysseus fear Persephone would send? Hades upon me a Gorgon Head of some dreadful monster
Which ship had made it through the Wandering Rocks? How did it do it? Argo; Jason’s ship; Hera took the Argo through safely
Describe what lives in the misty cave? Scylla: 12 flapping feet and 6 necks
What sucks down and belches out the black water? Charybdis
Who did Odysseus smear wax in his men’s ears? So they couldn’t hear the Sirens
Explain why Odysseus didnt mention Scylla. He didn’t want them to panic and not follow directions
How were Odysseus’ men drawn up the cliff? A fish man, looked like a fish on a line
Why was Odysseus saved from Scylla? The gods didn’t allow her to set eyes on him
When they were in the underworld we get what? History of Greek mythology
What was the symbolism bk 11? Death and rebirth
Odysseus voyage to the land of the dead symbolizes… The darkest depth of our souls that we must all confront on life journey
Agamemnon He was murdered by his wife and lover

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