Odyssey American Government Chapter 5 section 2

involved and striving to reach a goal active
an agreement reached by mutual concession compromise
majority agreement in matters of opinions consensus
opinion section of a newspaper; many times also known as “Letters to the Editor” editorial
not participating; inactive passive
a group that tries to influence or sway public policy pressure group
material distributed by the proponents of a cause to support their viewpoint propaganda
the collective feelings of the population of an area; it may or may not have factual basis public opinion
changed; headed in the opposite direction reversed
Which of the following organizations works to uphold Second Amendment rights? NRA
Which of the following organizations seeks to promote the rights of Hispanics? LULAC
What is an opinion held by a group of people on a problem or issue called? public opinion
Public opinion is of most value when the people who hold an opinion ________ that opinion. voice
Public opinion is more reliable when measured by ________. experts
An agreement reached by means of mutual concession is called ________. compromise
The profession of promoting public opinion is ________. public relations
Promotional materials used by public relations professionals include which of the following? pamphlets, books, articles
Organized efforts to shape public opinion so that government policies will be altered are carried on by ________. pressure group
What are ways you could effectively measure overall public opinion on the topic of immigration? – researching and asking questions of certain demographics- doing random phone surveys to ask how people are going to vote on a topic
Public Opinion polls: ________. -let pollsters predict how people may vote in an upcoming election- may result in people changing their minds about an issue- indicate if people approve of their elected officials
Two opinion research organizations mentioned in the lesson are: Harris, Gallup
In a democratic government each individual’s opinion _________. can be expressed publically
the state of being hidden from detection and unrecognizable anonymity
holding stereotypes; prejudiced biased
the act of removing what may be considered objectionable to people censorship
of the present time; recent contemporary
opinion page of a newspaper, where readers and writers express their views editorial page
the policy of giving every political party the same amount of radio or TV broadcast time at the same time of day equal access
a governmental agency that oversees the communications industry in America and enforces broadcast laws Federal Communication Commission
exercising power to produce a desired result influencing
plan; course of action policy
a person who obtains money illegally, sometimes by threat of physical violence racketeer
a short clip of TV footage that may cut a speaker’s words to a few seconds of time sound bite
Public opinion has often been influenced by newspaper ______. editors
One of the major benefits that resulted from the Alar scandal in 1989 was ________. reinforcement of the concept of responsible journalism by broadcasters
The job function of a news commentator is most similar to that of a(n) ________. editor
Radio and television media perform a public service in the field of political education by ________. interviewing people who are on the news
The political viewpoint of a newspaper can be learned by reading the ________. editorial page
Which of the following describe media in society? – Protected by First Amendment rights- Influences policy- Influences public opinion on a massive scale
Contemporary political, social, and economic issues are addressed in such news magazines as Time, Newsweek, and U.S. __________. News and World Report
Media is one means of influencing public opinion. What are other constructive ways for you to form your own opinion on an issue? – Discuss with your parents their opinions and how they formed them- Listen to a wide variety of television and radio news- Attend city council hearings and other civic events in your area
Select opinion makers that influence us. Newspapers, television, internet, magazines
Which of the following are potential drawbacks to the Internet in regard to politics? Overexposure of candidatesMisinformationpartisan dialogue
_______ is important in creating intelligent public opinion. education
giving the impression that everyone is involved so that the listener would feel the “danger” of missing out bandwagon
the candidate recalls all the good things he has done, omitting facts that would justify his defeat card-stacking
an organized group that competes with others in order to study the value of communication debating team
without any danger of error; basing actions on the truth factually
using wide-spread universal terms that do not deal with the specific issues at hand glittering generalities
using broad accusations and negative attacks in order to bring down the reputation of an opponent name calling
employing nationalistic terms in order to give the impression of being zealous for the country’s welfare patriotism
projecting an image of being one of the common people plain folks
to inform and make known the opinions and feelings of oneself propagandizing
using well-known personalities in the hopes of identifying with some of their glamour testimonial
Select three reasons propaganda can be a bad thing. – It can be used to spread lies and deception under the guise of progress.- It can hinder the case of peace and freedom.- It can sway the minds of millions of people to believe that they are a superior race.
Which of the following are two of the seven main propaganda techniques often used? – A candidate says he stands for “peace, prosperity, and progress,” he is using glittering generalities.- Realizing how religious and patriotic most Americans are, a candidate opens his political meeting with a prayer, a salute to the flag, and the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner to transfer the religious and patriotic feelings involved to his cause.
An easy way to describe the difference between conservatives and liberals is by saying that ________ want to preserve the good things that have made our country great and _________ want to free the nation from the bad things that do it harm. conservatives, liberals
Projecting an image of being one of the common people is this type of propaganda: plain folk
When a candidate says he stands for “a clean country and good education,” the speaker is using which type of propaganda? testimonials

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