Odyssey American Government Ch 4 section 1

executive branch of the American government, e.g., the Clinton administration administration
the container into which votes are put ballot box
a person who desires a position in a political office canidate
people of a region who elect a representative, who is then answerable to these people; the region itself constituency
a country with a one-party leader who is in complete control, usually, one who is unfair dictatorship
a type of person who will staunchly campaign or vote for only one political party partisan
a group of people organized with a governmental agenda in mind political party
a political plan of action program
pertaining to political divisions in Canada; regional or territorial provincial
democracies where the people elect representatives to act as their agents in making laws representative democracies
Political parties are ______ to express the wishes of the people. instruments
Third parties play a highly important role in the _____. strengthening of the two major parties
_______-party systems are most common in the English-speaking countries of the world. Two
What are the major political parties in Great Britain? Conservative and Labour
A person running for political office is called a _____. canidate
Voters in a district who elect a public servant are known as a(n) _____. constituency
Which of the following are major political parties in Canada? Alliance and Liberal
Which U.S. political party controlled the South from 1861 to the early 1960s? Democratic
What party do the large U.S. cities tend to support? Democrat
Dictatorships are most commonly found in which of the following places? Communist countries and Fascist Countries
What is a coalition? a temporary alliance of political parties
What are the major American political parties? Democratic and Republican
Which of the following are Democratic presidents? Kennedy, Carter, Jackson
Many times, a political party is accused of _______ if it appears it puts its party’s agenda ahead of the good of the people. partisan politics
legislation which gave the President power to deport any alien he deemed dangerous Alien and Sedition Acts
one of the first two American political parties; it wanted a weak central government Anti-Federalist Party
the federal power of the country central government
gathering for the purpose of creating a Constitution which would frame the laws for running the U.S. Constitutional Convention
a period from 1816-1824 where there was only one political party: the Democrat-Republicans Era of Good Feelings
a group that may not be in agreement with the general direction of the larger population. faction
one of the first two American political parties; it wanted a strong central government Federalist Party
interpretation of the Constitution allowing the federal government powers not specifically denied it loose construction
arrangement or groundwork laid to establish a program provision
interpretation of the Constitution limiting the Federal government to the powers in the document strict contruction
The ______ believed in a loose construction of the Constitution. federalists
The ________ believed that the Federal government should possess all powers not specifically denied to it. Federalists
The Anti-Federalists believed in a ______ interpretation of the Constitution. strict
The Anti-Federalist would limit the Federal government strictly to _____. the powers the constitution delegated to it
Why did Democrats hold power for so long in the 30s, 40s, and 50s? the country entered the Great Depression
Select the true statements about the Democratic Party. – It is the oldest political party in the United States.- The Democrats won the presidency in the 90’s but lost control of Congress.
The Democrats won all the elections from 1828-1860 EXCEPT in _____ and ______. 1840 and 1848
The Democrats fought bitterly at times over _____. banking policies, slavery issues, and tariff rates
The Democratic split was so severe during the 1860 elections that _____. they ran two candidates for presidency
The only Democrats to serve as President from 1860 to 1916 were _____. Cleveland and Wilson
in a national election, a candidate won the vote in a particular state carried
a person who does not hold an office but who is trying to unseat an incumbent challenger
to yield or surrender, to admit or acknowledge concede
an uneasiness due to the lack of stability in the financial market economic unrest
a person who currently holds an office incumbent
losing by a large margin in an election landslide defeat
having the larger number in a house of Congress, assuring strong voting power majority
a public shame or disgrace brought about by illegal or unethical actions scandal
financial panic where the market lost so much power that many people lost their fortunes in days stock market crash of 1929
a party formed mainly to fight the Democratic Party and Andrew Jackson; formed in the 1830’s Whig Party
The Republican party originated _____. from a firm political stance against slavery
Which of the following describes the early Republican party? In 1856, John C. Freemont won eleven northern states on an anti-slavery platform.
Which of the following best describes Republican dominance from the time of Abraham Lincoln? Its policies appealed to a wide variety of constituents, including farmers, merchants, and industrialists.
Throughout the 20th century, Republicans have done which of the following? – won majorities in both the House, Senate, and presidency during the middle of the century- elected Dwight D Eisenhower- twice- lost to Jimmy Carter and won with incumbent George H. Bush
Which of the following are Republican presidents? Theodore RooseveltUlysses S. GrantDwight D. EisenhowerRonald ReaganWilliam Howard Taft
A significance outcome of the 2000 elections is _____. the election results were challenged in court up to five weeks after the election
Why did divisions in the Republican party occur? because conservative Republicans re-elected Taft at the party’s 1912 national convention
The “_________ way” is a logically consistent approach to politics based on the moral principle of “self-ownership.” Libertarian
Debt-ridden farmers founded which parties in the late 1800s? Populist and Greenback
The _____ party is an example of a single-issue party. prohibition
Which parties began by splitting away from the two major political parties? Roosevelt Progressives, Liberal Republicans, Dixiecrats
The party formed by Texas billionaire Ross Perot 1990s was a member of the _____ Party. Reform
The _____ stands for prevention-oriented government, conflict-free politics, and proven solutions designed to bring national life into harmony with natural law. Natural Law Party
Which are examples of left-wing protest groups? Socialist Labor PartyCommunist Party USADemocratic Socialists of AmericaSocialist Workers’ Party
The Prohibition Party was founded in 1869 solely for the purpose of preventing the manufacturing and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States. The Prohibition Party is an example of ______. a party with only one goal
The_____ Party is a left-wing protest party that was formed in 1919. American Communist Party
The Populist Party of the 1890’s was an example of a party formed chiefly to help a _______. specific group of people

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