Odyssey American Government Ch 3 section 3

discussing, conversing, and even arguing over the points of a matter debating
a brief, “first-step” presentation of a work to be completed draft
a time when the good and bad aspects of a bill are discussed; includes written and verbal statements hearings
legislation that is under the voting process in the House of Representatives House Bill
a bill that becomes a law legislation
when a subcommittee makes changes and add amendments before they recommend a bill to proceed mark up
when a subcommittee reads its recommendation to the rest of their house of Congress ordering a bill reported
a member of Congress who is willing to introduce and back the legislation sponsor
t or f Either the House or Senate can introduce a bill. true
If you wanted to see a law making it mandatory for all 10th grade students to receive a computer from the government for educational purposes, ____. you could draft a piece of legislation then meet with the Representative or her staff and convince them to submit the legislation
If a committee does not act on a bill, it’s the same as if they would have ______. voted it down
T or F H.R. signifies a House bill and S signifies a Senate bill. True
Which of the following situations must all bills go through? – a piece of legislation is approved of and become a House Resolution (HR) or Senate bill (S)- the bill is reviewed by a committee made up of both Democrats and Republicans and “marked up” or amended to reflect the desires of the committee- a bill can be “killed” by a sub-committee- a bill travels a long road through subcommittees and hearings before it is even introduced on the House floor
A brief, “first-step” presentation of a work to be completed is called a _____. draft
A Senator and House Representative do NOT _____. debate each other regarding bills that have made it to the floor
It’s a bad sign for your bill if ________. the subcommittee lets it sit
Legislation that is under the voting process in the House of Representatives is called a(n)_____. house bill
Put the steps that an idea goes through before becoming a law in the correct order. 1. drafted into a bill2. introduced to the desk of HR or S3. assigned bill number4. referred to a committee5. hearing is held6. committee recommends ordering a bill report7. bill placed on HR or S calendar8. Bill passed one house and is moved to the other house of Congress
change or amendment to the bill alteration
a legislative meeting hall chamber
to reach an agreement concurrence
a meeting for discussion conference
group which was formed to reach an agreement on how the final version of a bill would be presented conference committee
Activity concerning a bill which may include debates and compromises. floor action
one of the two chambers in government, either the Senate or the House of Representatives Congress
the time when Congress is active and members are present, fulfilling their respective duties in session
a voting process by the members who are present; no absentee voting allowed roll call vote
a bill that will not be in progress or in any action but will be inactive for a particular time period sit
a form or variation of the original version
For a bill to pass both chambers (the House or Representatives and the Senate are called chambers), which of the following must occur? – it is subject to committee changes, debate and compromise- it often sustains changes in language and amendments in both houses- a bill passed in one chamber that is changed in committee in the second chamber, must both approve the conference report for any changes made to the original bill passed
After a bill is sponsored by a senator and passed a subcommittee’s test, what are the next steps? Select – get approved by the committee – pass the Senate vote, and move to the other chamber
How is the President involved in the process of bills becoming laws? – by drafting legislation and getting a Representative to submit it, just like you can- by letting it sit on his/her desk for ten days and doing nothing- by vetoing legislation that s/he may have drafted
Once a bill passes the House of Representatives _____. it goes through the same big process in the Senate
In any minor change by one house of Congress, the next usual step is for the legislation to go back to the first house for _____. concurrence
Whenever one house of Congress significantly alters a bill _____. a conference committee is formed to reconcile the different versions of the bill

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