Odyssey American Government CH 3 section 1

to reduce or cut short abridge
the first ten amendments to the Constitution, based strongly on the personal freedoms of the citizen bill of rights
a medium of exchange for purchases currency
equipped with a talent or a quality endowed
harassed or annoyed persecuted
request petition
to set right; correct a wrong that was committed redress
calmness; peacefulness (note: the early American spelling has two “l”s) tranquility
cannot be lost or transferred away unalienable
_____ is a political scientist and author of Two Treatises on Civil Government who believed that government could exist without the consent of the governed and that the primary purpose of the state was to protect the rights of the citizen. Locke
When the nation’s leaders met in 1787, which problems needed to be addressed? – tax collection- law enforcement- trade between states
_____ is the political scientist and author of Democracy in America. He believed that the delegation of government to the states was one of the strong points of the American system. de Tocqueville
Which of the following are guaranteed by the First Amendment? – freedom of the press- freedom of speech- freedom of religion- the right of the people to peaceably assemble- the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances
The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called the _____. Bill of Rights
The U.S. Constitution addresses which of the following issues? – presidential elections- extradition of a criminal back to a state for trial- making laws
At the end of the Constitutional Convention, the Constitution was signed by _____. thirty-nine delegates
How many amendments have been made to the Constitution since its ratification?23 27
to receive and make one’s own adoption
earnings; wage compensation
citizen of a district that elects representatives to government constituents
authorized or assigned; allowed delegated
list; a number of enumeration
exemptions; protections immunities
disobeyed or violated infringed
housed; supplied with home-like arrangements quartered
authorized; put into legislation ratified
law that gives authority to law enforcement to seize designated items for evidence of a crime search and seizure
official judicial writing that authorizes a search warrant
The assembly called for a “Bill of Rights” that would list U.S. citizens’ _____. immunities and freedoms
The actual number of amendments that the leaders first proposed was ______, but two were not ratified at the time. twelve
_____ was a Virginia delegate and one of the most powerful influences on the writing of the Bill of Rights. Mason
The Second Amendment gives the citizen the right to _____. keep and bear arms
The Second Amendment states,”the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Infringed means _____. violated
What applies to the fourth amendment? – The people should not be subjected to unreasonable search and seizures.- Warrants are only issued upon probable cause.
Amendment Six assures the accused the _____. right to a speedy trial
Amendment Nine talks about the enumeration of rights, and enumeration means a ________. list
The Tenth Amendment gives the rights not expressly delegated to the federal government to the _____. states
group of electors chosen to make the decision of electing the president and vice president of the U.S. electoral college
the extent of authority; the range of control jurisdiction
official and legal authorization for a specific ownership or practice licensing
creation and maintenance of state fire and police departments, hospitals and other citizen needs public safety
the creation and maintenance of state roads, dams, buildings and other similar projects public works
the state testing of potential attorneys in order to see if they qualify for active legal practice state bar exam
formal agreement between two or more governments treaty
government financial aid to assist people in need welfare
Which of the following geographic regions is the wealthiest? Northeast
Which of the following geographic regions is the most politically diverse? west
Which of the following compromises did the Federalists and Anti-Federalists make? separation of powers clause
Which of the following amendments grants power to the states? tenth amendment
According to the Constitution, which of the following powers are reserved for the states? powers not delegated and not prohibited by the Constitution
Lawyers must pass a ______. state bar exam
The power of making laws and enforcing them is called _____. jurisdiction
Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada must honor the Native American reservation treaties drawn up by the ________ government for the Native American Nations. federal
The creation and maintenance of a state reservoir falls under the jurisdiction of _______. public works
State licensing is usually required for what reasons? marriages, dental practices, auto registration, real estate brokers, lawyers.
Which constitutional amendment gives the states freedoms and control? . tenth amendment
an economic system in which private citizens invest capital into the economy to make a profit capitalism
someone who purchases goods and services for private use consumer
a complete halt on trade between two nations embargo
money spent on goods, services, or programs expenditures
the Federal Reserve; the central bank of the U.S. responsible for regulating the financial system the Fed
a financial situation that occurs when prices rise and the value of money falls inflation
the amounts of money a lender charges borrowers for use of assets interest rates
the practice of transferring government ownership of businesses or properties to the private corporations or individuals privatization
money earned revenue
specific penalties placed on a foreign nation by the U.S. government sanctions
an economic theory in which the supply of and demand for a product determine the product’s price supply and demand
Which of the following is the guiding economic philosophy of the free enterprise system? capitalism
Which of the following roles does the government play in a free enterprise system? – protect the consumer- encourage private investment
Which tool would the government most likely employ during a period of inflation to stabilize the economy? lower cash rates
Which of the following are investments the government might make in the economy? – building a highway- funding a pre-K program- creating a new technological device
Which of the following has the potential to cause inflation? lowering interest rates
Which of the following is a source of revenue for the federal government? income taxes
In which economic system does the government have complete control over manufacturing and production? planned economy
Which tool might be used to limit imports from Cuba but maintain exports to Cuba? sanctions
Which of the following might the government invest in to promote infrastructure growth? physical capital
the development, building, and management of a business, with all of its risks in order to make a profit entrepreneurship
the creation of a new idea, method, or product that the consumer will use innnovation
inventions of the mind that are intangible, such as a piece of writing or architectural design intellectual property
government-issued right to an invention that makes it illegal for anyone else to copy it patent
a term for businesses’ and governments’ research and development divisions, which specialize in researching and developing new ideas R&D
an individual or organization that supplies capital for a business endeavor venture capitalist
Which of the following is a key benefit of the government’s investing in innovation? long-term financial commitment
Which of the following products has the government helped to innovate? – personal computer- internet- GPS
Which type of research would be used if a scientist wanted to know how sugar impacted the growth of cancer cells? basic
Which of the following are the benefits of innovation in society? – economic growth- public interest- better problem-solving
Which of the following policies can the government use to encourage entrepreneurship? issuing tax credits
Which of the following would NOT be protected under patent laws? a corporate logo
Which of the following is a primary benefit of entrepreneurial competition? faster innovation
Which of the following is part of the R&D process? developing a hypothesis
Which of the following is a key factor in the government’s ability to financially invest in science and technology? taxation

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