Odyssey American Government CH 2 section 3

a close association of countries alliance
coalition of countries that opposed the Allied powers in World War II Axis
a sole ruler of a nation; often cruel and abusive dictator
financial panic and downfall of a country economic collapse
rods bound by straps, blade of an axe protrudes from the rods symbolizing unity and strength, used as a symbol for power and jurisdiction fasces
extreme totalitarian government run by a dictator and based on highly-emotional nationalism fascism
Italian Fascist party leader during World War II Mussolini
to subdue and limit the freedoms of people suppress
__________ could be the slogan of fascist governments. Might makes right
One of the prime examples of a fascist government is the Italian government during ______. World War II
T or F Fascists usually gain power after a country’s economic collapse. True
The fasces symbol, a bundle of elm or birch rods are bound together by straps with the blade of an axe protruding from the bundle, symbolizes _____. unity and strength
T or F Political, economic, and social activities are under the rule of a fascism government. True
The fascist government actually encourages _____. private business, as long as the government is served
Fascist intolerance towards minorities often culminates in _____. deadly governmental “purging”
Which personal liberties are restricted under fascism? cultural, religious, and travel.
head of state in some forms of government chancellor
detainment centers for Hitler’s “undesirable” citizens, including those of the Jewish race concentration camp
Nazi secret police gestapo
result of the stock market panic of the 1920’s that brought on the 1930’s worldwide economic slump Great Depression
financial instability brought on by continual increase in prices or continual decrease in purchasing power inflation
orm of fascist government; probably the most extreme Nazism
a call for change within a country with regards to education and culture, among other things social reform
leadership taken and directed by force, often with bloodshed; an oppressive regime tyrannical government
Nazism relates to fascism in which of the following ways? – Both restricted personal liberties and treated minorities poorly.- Both take rights away from citizens under the guise of progress and public safety.- Both lead to tyrannical leaders who gain control in the name of progress.- Both offer hope to a country that has faced desperation, depression or extreme duress.- Both would disdain American and British governments.
What was crucial to the Germans so freely accepting Nazism? an uncompromising belief that they were the superior race
Detainment centers for many of Hitler’s “undesirable” citizens, including those of the Jewish race were called _____. concentration camps

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