Odyssey American Gov. CH 2 section 1

group of people settled in a particular area with the same interests colony
to reduce the amount in blocks or sizable amounts decimated
government or organized group that strives to be fair and equal to all people democratic
available goods supplied by nature; not man-made natural resources
making of goods that can be used or worn for protection or well-being production
an emigrant who has arrived in a new area to create a home settler
form of government that distributes goods, services, and the political power among the people socialist
food and drink; necessary foods in order to stay alive sustenance
In a ____ form of government, the goods and services are equally shared, and the political power is distributed among the people. socialist
What are characteristics of effective government leaders? – willingness to accept responsibility- keep a government strong and active- act as a final point of authority
Based on your understanding of the building blocks of government, which of the following are most likely attributes of an established government? – a medieval walled city- a well-organized police force- interstate commerce regulations
Select the five basic requirements necessary to establish a government. – The government should have a goal.- Safety is a priority.- Leadership is needed.- Law and order should be maintained.- Production and sustenance should be provided daily.
nobility or privileged upper-class citizens aristocracy
body of Greek male citizens who decide laws, enact government policies, and maintain authority assembly
ancient power structures; cities fortified into independent units of strength city-state
belief, thoughts, and lifestyles of a particular community of people culture
the first name given to the Greek democracy direct democracy
form of choosing results or choosing men by the drawing of lots lottery
lofty, financially well-to-do citizens who carried power within the community noble
a benefit enjoyed by a person out of grace or mercy not owed to the person privilege
that which is due to a person because of law, nature, or tradition right
power-hungry militants who grab absolute control by force tyrant
T or F Greek culture was actually the birth of democracy. true
What was the first name of the greek democracy? Direct Democracy
What was Sparta’s main strength? Army
What was Athen’s main strength? Navy
The ancient power structures fortified into independent units of strength were called _____. city-states
Who set up a code of law and he defined the duties of classes? Solon
a small group of aristocratic-type men. oligarchy
The proposed constitution that opened up the voting rights to all free adult men in 508 B.C. was written by _______. Cleisthenes
Nobles had overthrown most of the monarchs by _____. 750 B.C.
Greek democracy differed from other forms of government in the ancient world because _____. a body called the assembly determined the laws of commerce
Which of the following forms illustrate involvement in Greek democracy? – a strong rivalry between city-states- it offered freedoms that became a model for generations to come- Each male served on an assembly to make laws though many of the poor could not leave work to attend.
In ______, Solon was chosen as an Athenian statesman with reformation powers. 594 B.C.
Democracy in Greece developed over time and involved _____. tyrants getting land for the needy
the condition of being answerable to others accountability
the “common-people” assembly that helped give the citizens more political power Concilium Plebis
a dominating nation with extensive territories and a powerful ruler empire
guideline for citizens’ behavior; a list of Roman customs about property and punishment laws of the twelve tables
a soldier who is hired for service in a foreign country mercenary
member of Rome’s richest and most important families who served on the Senate for life patrician
the common person or lower-class citizen plebeian
one of the two houses of the early Roman republic Roman Senate
a country run by the elected representatives of its people republic
leader within the Concilium Plebis tribune

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