Odyssey 5-8

What is Calypso’s reaction to Hermes’ order that she let Odysseus leave? At first she is very upset. She is angry at the gods because she claims that the male gods always bed other women, get angry, kill others, and do all these bad things, yet when she saves a man from an angry god then they have to take him away from her. She believes that she is justified in holding Odysseus because she saved his life from Poseidon’s wrath.
Describe the relationship between Odysseus and Calypso Calypso forces Odysseus to stay with her, and she makes her into her “husband”. Odysseus has no choice but to sleep with her and do what she wants, yet Calypso still takes good care of him. All Odysseus wants is to go home, as he cries everyday longing to return.
How does Odysseus leave Ogygia and arrive on Phaeacia (Scheria)? He leaves on a craft that he made from the ax that Calypso gave him. Calypso also launched him off the island with food, nice wine, skins, and beautiful clothes. This suggests that they did not expect Poseidon would destroy his craft, because it would a waste to bring these nice things.
Be familiar with the specifics of his departure and his journey. Odysseus sailed for a total of 20 days (on the 18th day he saw land). When Poseidon saw him, he was returning from Ethiopia, and got angry so he caused a storm with big waves and a chaotic sea to disturb Odysseus’ journey. Ino is Cadmus’ daughter w/ lovely ankles, a mortal who pitied Odysseus and gave him an immortal scarf to get to Phaeacian land. She told him to tie the scarf around his waist, jump off the raft when he gets closer to land, swim but don’t look back, in which he disobeys because he has trust issues.
What condition is he in when he arrives on Phaeacia? What is the significance /symbolism of his condition? He is so exhausted, broken down, and vulnerable from the storm of Ogygia to Phaeacia that he has to rebuild himself by following others at this unknown territory Significance: He is being broken down (by Athena) to be rebuilt. Someone so strong and powerful being portrayed so weak and vulnerable.
What role does Athena play? Athena is helping Odysseus by making him look appealingHelps Nausicaa wash her clothes and get ready to marry (says can’t get married with dirty clothes) by urging her to not be afraid, and on purposely makes the ball that her and her ladies were playing with hit Odysseus to get them to pay attention to him. Athena is very wise because she appears to Nausicaa on her level (as her friend that’s her age) in a dreamPlants courage in Nausicaa to make her stay when Odysseus arrives on Phaeacia covered in brine
What do you learn about Nausicaa? Nausicaa is wise and understands people because she is young. She is wrapped around her dad’s finger and he does anything for her. It is considered that she is old to still not be married. Her dad is generous great King Alcinous and her mother is Queen Arete.
How do Odysseus and Nausicaa meet? When Nausicaa goes down to the river to wash her clothes. She tossed her clothes in the water and woke Odysseus, she was playing ball with her girls and the ball hit Odysseus. Odysseus assumes he did something wrong and does not believe he is in Scheria, naked and exposed. Everyone is scared of his appearance and runs away except for Nausicaa (because Athena gave her courage)
What plan does Nausicaa devise for Odysseus to get to the palace? Nausicaa wants Odysseus to arrive separately from her because she does not want people to think badly of her for bringing home some man off the street.
How is Phaeacia described? In what ways is it a utopia? Phaeacia is beautiful and is like a utopia (like the garden of eden). The trees always bloom fruit
What do you learn about King Alcinous and Queen Arete?
What do you learn about life on Phaeacia?
What does Odysseus tell them about himself? He does not reveal his identity because he is not as trusting to the phaeacians. This may be because the phaeacians associate with Poseidon (whom Odysseus hates) so he would not want to be punished even more
What does he ask?
How does King Alcinous feel about Odysseus? He really liked Odysseus. He addresses him as “my friend,” he wants him to marry his daughter, and he offers to make him a place to say, but if he wants to go home that’s okay too, because he will give him the materials needed to go home, and while he sleeps his men will sail him home.
convoy A group of ships or vehicles traveling together, typically accompanied by armed troops, warships, or other vehicles for protection
suppliant A person making a humble plea to someone in power or authority
1st Song Is about Troy and the argument Odysseus and Achilles had about the way to return homeIt makes him cry and and he buries his head. The only person that notices his tears are Alcinous
2nd Song The Love of Ares and Aphrodite crowned with Flowers: Purpose: Contrast; praise of Poseidon’s mercy Similarity between men and gods
3rd Song The wooden horse brought to TroyOdysseus cries because he is thinking about how much he has messed up. Nine years later and is still not home
Know which games he was good at and which he was not good at. Purpose of games: Comic relief, because Odysseus was crying
Keep track of Athena

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