How does Telemachus first react to meeting Odysseus? He is afraid the Odysseus is god.
What is the test that Penelope stes up for the suitors? She makes each suitor attempt to string and shoot Odysseus’ bow.
Into what does Circe magically turn Odysseus’ men? swine/pigs
After Odysseus reveals who he is, what does Eurymachus do to try and save his own life? He blames Antinous and offers to repay Odysseus for the food and drink the suitors have consumed.
The sea monster, the wicked temptress, the buried treasure, the loyal servant…What epic convention are these descriptions? Archetypes
How long was the Trojan war, and how did it end? 10 years.
Which god hates Odysseus? Why? Poseidon. Odysseus robbed, trespassed on, blinded, and embarrassed Polyphemus, Poseidon’s son.
What are the elements of the epic plot? The epic plot involves a long journey and is full of complications, such as, Strange creatures, Divine intervention, Large-scale events, Treacherous weather.
What are the traits of an epic hero? courage, determination, wit, and wisdom
What is the name of Odysseus’ dog that waits for him to return home? Argos
What is the name of the epic literary convention in which characters, settings, and images that are well-known in many times and to many cultures are used in a piece of literature? Archetypes
To which group of people does the hospitality rule apply? Guests
How long is Odysseus held captive on Calypso’s island? Seven years
What is the difference between third person limited and third person omniscient points of view? Third Person Limited lets the reader know the thoughts and feelings of only one character in a story.
What is theme? A story’s theme is the central idea the author wants the reader to understand; sometimes it is the moral or lesson learned.
How does Odysseus protect his men from the Sirens? He fills their ears with wax so that they cannot hear the Sirens’ seductive song.
How many men does Odyssey lose to Scylla? Six – one for each head
What decision causes all of Odysseus’ remaining men to die? How do they die? They feasted on the cows of Helios, the sun god. Helios threatens that he will no longer shine on the world unless Zeus steps in and punishes Odysseus’ men, so Zeus has no choice but to send a thunderbolt that will destroy Odysseus’ ship and spare no one but him.
What is a long narrative poem that is the most ancient form of literature? Epic
“When Dawn spread out her fingertips of rose…”Identify the literary device at work here and explain why it is an example of that literary device. Personification — the sunrise does not have fingers to spread.
“Grey-eyed Athena” and “Odysseus, son of Laertes” are examples of what epic device? Epithet
Odysseus is an example of a literary element because he goes on a quest, experiences divine intervention, and experiences a homecoming. Which literary element does he exemplify? Epic Hero
Why does no one recognize Odysseus when he returns to Ithaca? Athena disguised him as a beggar.
Homer would have most likely told his stories through ________. Song or the oral tradition of story telling
Where is Odysseus while he tells the story about his journey from Troy? King Alcinous’ court on the island of Phaecia
What is an external conflict? An external conflict tells of a struggle between a character and another person or thing.
What is an internal conflict? An internal conflict is a struggle between a character and a decision or choice that character must make for himself.
What is imagery? Imagery is an author’s use of descriptions that include details that appeal to the five senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight
“A man surfcasting on a point of rock for bass or mackerel, whipping his long rod to drop the sinker and the bait far out, will hook a fish and rip it from the surface to dangle wriggling through the air, likewise, these men were born aloft in spasms toward the cliff.”Why is this an epic simile? Because it is comparing a man fishing to men heading to a cliff, it uses “like” to make the comparison, and it is extended over many lines
What is a reference to a famous person, place, event, or story within the text of another story? Allusion
Who are the two servants who help Odysseus in the battle at the end of The Odyssey? Eumaeus (the cow herder) and Philoetus (the swine herder)
Who rules over all of the gods? Zeus
How long was Odysseus’ journey home? 10 years
Who commands Calypso to release Odysseus? Who does Calypso want Odysseus to believe decided to release him? Zeus; Calypso
Where does Odysseus go when he returns to Ithaca? Eumaeus’ hut
What is a long, elaborate comparison of two things using “like” or “as” and continuing for a significant number of lines? Epic simile
What happens to Odysseus and his crew in the Land of the Lotus Eaters? Odysseus has to get his men on the boat quickly without tasting the Lotus plant because, if they eat it, the men won’t want to leave the island.
What is the epic term for a larger-than-life character who goes on great journeys and performs amazing deeds? Epic Hero
What is the name of a singing story teller? Minstrel – like Homer
What is a flashback? What part of The Odyssey is told in a flashback? A flashback is reference to events that happened in the past. Odysseus tells his story about what happened to him from when he left Troy to when he arrived on Phaecia in a flashback.
When Odysseus returns to Ithaca, which character fears that Odysseus is a god? Telemachus
What item does Penelope use to test whether Odysseus is really the man he claims to be? Their bed
“Well I will make a start by telling you my name. Once you know that, if I escape the painful day of death, then later I can welcome you as guests, though I live in a palace far away.”This passage in The Odyssey is written in what point of view? First person because of the use of “I.” Odysseus is telling the story.
What family member does Odysseus meet in the Land of Dead? His mother
What is a brief phrase that names a person or a thing and describes a main characteristic of that person or thing? Epithet
The Odyssey is a model or archetype of what type of story? An epic journey
Which god loves and supports Odysseus by intervening on his behalf? Athena
What does Tiresias request before speaking the truth to Odysseus? He wants to taste of the black blood from the sacrificed ram.
“So for two days and nights he floated on the ocean waves, his heart filled with many thoughts of death. He was lifted up by a large swell, and he quickly looked ahead. Odysseus saw land close by.”This passage in the Odyssey is written in what point of view? Third Person Limited
Name one trick Odysseus plays on Polyphemus. Odysseus lies about his ship, lies about his name, gets Polyphemus drunk on wine, and ties his men to the Cyclops’ sheep.
Who are the Muses? The goddesses of inspiration, poetry, and art
When a poet begins with a prayer that asks for assistance in telling a story, what literary element does this demonstrate? Invocation

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