Who is the author of the Odyssey? Homer
Which translation are you reading? Robert Fitzgerald
What does it mean to begin in medias res? Starts in the middle
What is the invocation of the Muse? A prayer made to one of the nine Muses. -writer was seeking inspiration from a higher source.
What is an epic? A long narrative poem
Who is the hero of the Odyssey? Odysseus
By what method were epics first shared? Orally
Aeaea Island of Circe
Athena Goddess of wisdom, helped disguise Odysseus
Calypso Held Odysseus prisoner
Circe Turned Odysseus men into swine
Charybdis Whirl pool killed all men and destroyed all ships
Epic Simile The object of the comparison is usually something strange or unfamiliar to something ordinary and familiar
Epithets An adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned
Eurymachus Negotiate with Odysseus after Intinous has been killed
Helen Ruler in Troy
Helios Sun God, who loves his kine (cattle)
The Iliad Another epic poem by Homer
Island of the SunGod Where Helios cattle are
Ithaca Island where Odysseus lives (off the coast of Greece)
Laertes Father of Odysseus
Land of the Dead Place where dead people go
Lotus Eaters People who are drugged from eating the flower
Nohbdy The name Odysseus gave to himself when talking to the cyclops
Odysseus King of Ithaca
Olympus Mountain where gods and goddesses live
Penelope Wife of Odysseus
Polyphemus Cyclops who prison Odysseus
Poseidon God of the sea
Scylla Sea monster (rock)
Sirens Creatures who’s songs lured sailors
Telemachus Son of Penelope and Odysseus
Tieresias Blind prophet predicts death of all Odysseus’ men
Troy Sight of the Trojan war
Zeus King of the Gods
Argos Odysseus’ dogs name
Where does the word theater come from? Greek theatron
What did theaters look like at the time? Open air Theatre is built into hillsides
Which gods festival was the cause for developing dramatic performances? Celebration of Dionysos
What three seas surround Greece? Mediterranean Sea, Ionian Sea, Aegean Sea
What is Troy? The legendary city that was the center of the Trojan war located on the Aegean coast in turkey
What is Ithaca? Island west of mainland Greece into Ionian Sea
Where does the word athletics come from? Greek Athloi
What athletic events were included in ancient pentathlons? Footraces, jumping, Javelin, wrestling and discos
What was the crowning prize for the winning athlete? Wreath of olive branches
How old were soldiers trained in Athens? Between the ages of 18 and 20
How old were soldiers trained in Sparta? 7 years old
What are the four cities in Michigan whose names have Greek roots? Athens, Corinth, Ithaca, Troy

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