What makes Telemachus think that Odysseus must be a god? How does Odysseus convince Telemachus that he is his father? Because he saw him turn out of disguise.
Telemachus warns Odysseus that there are to many suitors for them to fight. How does Odysseus persuade him that they can win? They have athena and Zeus on their side.
What is Telemachus’ part of the plan? He says to mingle with princes, drive them out, Athena will give word, and then Odysseus will “stow the lot away.”
Why does Odysseus want to keep his return a secret? Because he wants to make sure Penelope still loves him.
How has Odysseus changed? He hasn’t changed in the way that he wants to get back to Ithaca, but he is grown as a person and has become less selfish.
Why does Odysseus keep his identity a secret from his wife? Because he wants to make sure that she still loves him
When does Odysseus reveal to the suitors his identity?Why is this an effective strategy? After he has shot the arrows. It shows them that he is alive, and cares about his Kingdom.
What is Odysseus argument to Suitors comment? He says he is fighting fo rKIngdom, and they took it away frm him, and he is not gonna take it.
Is Odysseus’s revenge excessive? I dont believe it is because they deserved it for taking his Kingdom.
Why is the stringing of the bow the climax of the story? Because if any of the Suitors got it then she would have to marry them.
What test does Penelpe give Odysseus? She says to move bed for him in hallway. He says that isn’t possible because it is made out of olive tree.

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