Name Odysseus’ strengths Courage, Intelligence, Patience, Brave, Clever, Leaderdhip, Strength, Smart
Name Odysseus’ weaknesses Curiosity, Anger, Pride
Courage Strength, bc ventures out to see if men are savages
Intelligence Strength, bc Odysseus knows the Cyclops are bad
Patience Strength, bc Odysseus waits for the right time to kill Cyclops
Brave Strength, bc he offers wine to Cyclops
Clever Strength, bc he lies about his name saying its Nohbdy
Leadership Strength, bc he cheers on his men
Strength Strength, bc he stabs Cyclops in the eye
Smart Strength, bc he uses his brain and strategizes a plan
Curiosity Weakness, bc he doesn’t steal for the wrong reason. Out of curiosity
Anger Weakness, bc he had the nerve to yell at Cyclops
Pride Weakness, bc Odysseys has to prove himself to people & show off
What is an Epic Hero Larger than life central figure or superhero of an epic. Generally a man. Still has weaknesses which makes them ordinary
Who is Odysseus’ father? Larertes
What island is Odysseus from? Ithaca
Where does Odysseus go first? Cyclops, Polyphemus
What does Odysseus lie about He lies that his name is Nohbdy
What was Odysseus’ plan to escape? He ties the rams in the caves together and creates a sling under the ram so the men can ride it away
What does Odysseus say when he leaves? He reveals his real name & identity
What does Odysseus’ pride cost him? He loses his house, loses his companions, and returns under strange sail to bitter days at home
What’s an Epithet? Short, deceptive phrase that presents a trait of a person or thing
What’s an Epic simile? Elaborate comparison usually a couple of lines
What does Goddess Athena give Odysseus? Fair West Wind & Bag of all unfavorable stormy winds
What happens when the men open the bag? They get pushed to island Aeaea?
What do they see that seems to be odd? Calm lions and animals
Why were the animals very calm? Circe the women in Aeaea turned men into animals & ends up turning Odysseus’ men into animals
How does Odysseus save the men & make them back human? Hermes gives him a magical plant that protects him from Circe
What does Circe make Odysseus do before going? She makes him go to the underworld, the land of dead
What is a theme? The message the author intends to share with the reader
What are the three things Odysseus faces? Sirens, Scylla, Charybdis
When Odysseus finally goes home, what is his conflict? Penelope is about to find a new husband
Who are the two rude suitors? Antinous & Eurymachus
What is Penelope’s test? They must shoot an arrow straight in a row through the holes in 12 heads
What does Odysseus do when he arrives home? He goes under disguise
Why did Penelope make that test? She knew only Odysseus could do it
Who are Odysseus’ two close friends? Swineherd & Cowherd
Why is Penelope acting different? She doesn’t believe its really Odysseus
What is Penelope’s test? She tells Odysseus to sleep outside bc only her & Odysseus know that the bed doesn’t move
Does Odysseus pass Penelope’s test? Yes
What is a conflict? Problem or Struggle

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