Odysseus: Part 2 Coming Home

Who helps Odysseus return to Ithaca after twenty years? Alcinous
Once in Ithaca, whom does Odysseus visit and how is he disguised? Odysseus visits the swineherd, Eumaes, and he is dressed as a swineherd.
In Odysseus’s absence, where has his son Telemachus journeyed? Wy He went to Pylos & Sparta to talk to old comrades of his father to figure out if he was dead or not
What news does Athena shares with Telemachus? Athena shares that the suitors are planning on ambushing him and that they are trying to take over the land
Why is it ironic that Odysseus should return to Ithaca in beggar’s rags? No one knows who he really is besides his dog.
What is Argos’s condition when Odysseus sees him? In telling us how Odysseus’s dog is kept, what is Homer also telling us about conditions in Ithaca? Argo is old, skinny, seen lying on a dung pile, and is weak. Homer is telling us that the conditions in Ithaca is chaotic and not good. Odysseus sheds a tear for his dog
What ale does the “beggar” tell Penelope? How does he describe Odysseus, and why do you think he adds these details? Beggar tells Penelope tales about his encounter with Odysseus. He praises Odysseus and does all of this to get her reaction. He tells her everything about Odysseys besides his family
How is Penelope’s interview with the beggar ironic? It is ironic because she is talking to the beggar about Odysseus while he is Odysseus
What does Penelope promise the winner of the contest? Her marriage
Just before Odysseus steps forward to try the bow, he reveals his identity to two other people The swineherd and cowherd
Who are Eumaeus and Philoetus Eumaes- swineherdPhiloetus- cowherd
What does Odysseus promise Eumaeus and Philoetus land, cattle, and marriage
What two signs are sent from Olympus to indicate the gods’ approval of Odysseus? Crack of thunder & Athena’s shield
How does Penelope test Odysseus after the battle? She has the maids move the olive tree bed to see Odysseus’s reaction
What is the meaning of the word odyssey in modern society? Long journey
How many suitors could string the bow? 0
How many suitors were there? 108
What is the bed made of? Olive tree
How many sockets does Odysseus shoot through? 12
When Antinous throws stool at Odysseus, what does telemachus do? nothing
What does Odysseus do before shooting the arrows? He prays to Apollo, the god of archery
Antinous lead/head suitordies because Odysseus shoots arrow through throat
Eurycleia Servant who washes Odysseus’s feet and notices scar on leg
Argos Odysseus’s dog
Eumaeus Swineherd
Piloetus Cowherd
Odysseus Epic hero
Telemachus son of Odysseus
Penelope Wife of OdysseusMother of Telemachus
List 5 images/examples of figurative language that help you picture some of the most tense or most horrifying moments in the battle Homeric simileAlliterationAllusionPersonificationSimilie

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