Novel Road Map to Success Julius Caesar

Why are the commoners wandering the streets instead of working? The commoners are celebrating Caesar’s victory/ his return to Rome.
How do Flavius and Marullus feel about the celebration? Flavius and Marullus believe the people are fickle: where once they loved Pompey, they now love Caesar.
How do Flavius and Marullus show their feelings toward Caesar? Flavius and Marullus go around the town destroying everything Caesar.
What does Caesar tell Antony to do during the race and why? Tells Antony to touch Calpurnia so she can become sterile/ able to bear children.
How does Antony respond to Caesar’s request? Antony responds by saying he’ll do anything for Caesar.
What does the Soothsayer tell Caesar? The Soothsayer tells Caesar to beware of the Ides of March. (March 15th)
What does Brutus fear when he hears the crowds shouting? Brutus is afraid the people are asking Caesar to be their king.
Why does Cassius think Caesar isn’t fit to be king? Because Caesar can’t swim and he has epilepsy.
How does Brutus respond to Cassius’ ideas? Brutus says he has had similar thoughts; he does not wish to continue the discussion now, buthe will at a later time.
What does Caesar think about Cassius? Caesar thinks Cassius is dangerous because he thinks too much.
Who offers Caesar the crown? Antony
What is Casca’s opinion of the way Caesar refused the crown? He thought Caesar’s refusal was ridiculous. Also,. he thinks that each time it was harder for Caesar to refuse it.
What happens to Caesar after the third offering of the crown? He seizes
How does Brutus explain Caesar’s behavior? Explains his behavior by blaming it on Caesar’s epilepsy.
What happened to Flavius and Marullus? They were executed
What does Brutus say to Cassius before departing? He says he will meet with Cassius the next day
What things does Casca see that upset him? He sees a slave whose hand burns without feeling pain, a lion in the Capitol, men on firewalking in the streets, and an owl in the marketplace at noon.
What do the senators plan to do the next day? Crown Caesar as king.
What is the message behind Cassius drawing his dagger? He’d rather be dead than live as a slave under Caesar’s rule.
How does Cassius feel about the Roman people now? Roman people are like sheep, blindly following Caesar.
With whom do Casca and Cinna side? Cassius
What is Cassius’ plan to persuade Brutus to join the conspiracy? Cassius plans to write fake letters from the Romans to Brutus convincing him Caesar should be removed.
How does Brutus feel toward Caesar personally? Brutus feels no personal reason to kill Caesar.
What does Brutus fear would happen after Caesar was crowned? Caesar might become corrupt.
What is the message of the letter? It tells Brutus to wake up, pay attention, and fix the wrongs that have been done to Rome
Is this the first letter Brutus has received? No, he’s received several in various places.
What is the date? March 15th
How has Brutus felt since he first spoke with Cassius? He has suffered terrible mental agitation; it haunts him. He also hasn’t been able to sleep.
What does Brutus think about the fact that the conspirators are hiding their faces intheir coats? It seems cowardly to him, and he wonders how they’ll ever show their faces during the day ifthey’re afraid to show them at night when no one can see them anyway.
Who are the conspirators? Conspirators are planning to kill Caesar. Cassius, Casca, Decius Brutus, Cinna, Metellus Cimber, and Trebonius.
Why does Brutus refuse to swear an oath? He thinks they don’t need to; oaths are for people who can’t trust each other plus what they’re doing is very honorable.
Who does Cassius want to kill? Caesar AND Antony
How does Brutus respond to Cassius’ suggestion? He says they will seem bloodthirsty if they kill both men and that Antony will lose his powerafter Caesar’s death.
Why might Decius Brutus need to persuade Caesar to come to the Capitol? He has been superstitious lately, and the unnatural events might convince him to stay home.
Why is Portia upset with Brutus? Brutus won’t tell her what’s wrong.
Who comes to see Brutus at the end of the scene? Lacius and Ligarius come to join the conspiracy.
What happens in Calpurnia’s dreams? Calpurnia dreams that Caesar is killed.
Why does Calpurnia tell Caesar he must stay home? Although she never paid attention to signs and omens, the numerous unnatural occurrenceshave frightened her.
What is Caesar’s initial reaction to Calpurnia’s fears? Initially Caesar shrugs off Calpurnia’s fears.
What exactly did Calpurnia dream? She dreamt that a statue of Caesar poured blood from many places and Romans bathed theirhands in the blood.
How does Decius Brutus interpret the dream for Caesar? He says it means that the Romans will receive life-giving blood from Caesar; he says it is apositive dream.
How does the scene end? Caesar leaves for the Capitol accompanied by all of the conspirators, along with Antony.
What does Artemidorus want to tell Caesar? He wants to warn him against men he trusts, the conspirator who want to kill him.
What does Portia instruct Lucius to do? She tells him to run to the Capitol and return with news of Brutus and Caesar.
What type of message does the Soothsayer have for Caesar? He wants to warn him of danger that seems to be approaching

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