Notes from The Historical Context of MacBeth

Politics, 1605-1606 King James had just gotten to the throne; Scotland is getting public attention in England; political/religious conflict
Historical Sources for MacBeth Raphael Holinshed’s “Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland” <= history book of time pdhe combines a story from here with another story from the Chronicles to change the tone of the regicideregicide = killing the king
some specifics of the combination he took MacBeth’s hatred for Duncan, MacBeth wasn’t immediately hostile tho, MacBeth killed Duncan in battle, Malcom came to kill MacBeth at the Battle of Lumphanan, Malcolm killed Lulach who was getting the throne in 1058.macbeth trying to kill banquo & Fleance & macbeth being killed by MacduffDuncan’s murder comes from Donwald & his wife killing King Duff.
Macbeth’s Scotland -set when England gets ctrl of Scotland-created a medieval scotland to mirror mood of macbeth-references to scottish culture of the time
The Norse invasion—raiders and settlers 9th century Norwegians & Danish ppl invadesome attacksome actually just move in for the farmland and entirely assimilate into scottish culture
Witchcraft & the Supernatural -belief in witches & their prophesies-witchcraft generally seen as evil/satanic, threatens social stability-extreme punishments for witchcraft
King James I he ruled scotland since 1581 and became english king in 1603the play reflect’s James’s interests:family tree of Scottish royalty, issue of “just” kingship, threat of regicide, witchcraft
The Gowrie Conspiracy assassination attempt against James I on 9/5/1600Gowrie brothers convince king to have meeting with an alleged thief, armed to killregicide vilified in media, popularized as concept
The Gunpowder Plot 11/5/1605 regicide plottensions between protestants & catholicsjames’s harsh actions toward catholicscatholic plotters want to kill royaltyGuy Fawkes gets caught in basement w/matches & gunpowderconspirators get tried convicted & executed—one kid in the conspiracy, Catesby, was thought to have been loyal……=inspires character of Macbeth
The trial of Father Henry Garnet, the great equivocator -catholic jesuits giving vague “double-meaning” answers when interrogated about religious “offenses” -equivocation = punishable; treasonous Father Henry Garnet=conspirator of Gunpowder Plotconvicted in trial in 15 minutes..=equivocation lines designed to poke fun at catholic equivocators
King James on Witchcraft James <3s witchcraftauthor of Daemonologie (about how witchcraft is legit)followed/attended witchcraft trials, ie Dr. Fian, scottish teacher-cum-witchFian's spirit had uhh caused marine disasters and almost killed King James I

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