No Fear Shakespeare, Midsummer Night’s Dream Act IV and V

hankering a strong wish to have or do something
infatuated having strong feelings of love for someone or a strong interest in something that makes you unable to think in a sensible way
solemnly very serious and not happy, for example because something bad has happened or because you are at an important occasion:
raucous sounding unpleasantly loud
sumptuous very impressive and expensive
paramour someone who one has a romantic with, but who one is not married to
mundane ordinary and not interesting or exciting
audacious showing great courage or confidence in a way that is impressive or slightly shocking
eloquent able to express your ideas and opinions well, especially in a way that influences people
wane becoming gradually less strong or less important
blatantly something bad that is very clear and easy to see, but the person responsible for it does not seem embarrassed or ashamed