Narrator 1 seussification of Romeo and Juliet

Curtain up Dear ladies and menfolk!
Women and gents Youre people of culture and true common sense
You know what you know and you like what you like Like singing a song or riding a bike
Two hour symphonies Ping pong
Canoeing Poetry
Football Or yellow snowshoeing
We like that stuff too Its the greatest
You bet And topping the list… romeo and juliet
Its shakespeares great classic We cant get enoughBut make no mistake… writing that stuff is tough
Sublime in its scope no thing is more artful It deserves honors and lauds by the cart full
The play is just perfect Nothing is wrong
Except that it’s almost two hours Too long
The play still is great so we need not repeat it But you need to be Albert Einstein just to read it
Now don’t get us wrong we love William Shakespeare But in this new century he’s not very clear
Yet only in reverence to him our great hero do we pull the bard back to our level, zero We’ve shortened the play changed some names made it rhymeNo more of that blank verse, we don’t think he’d mind.
A rhyming tetrameter is thought quite useful But could make the play sound a big dr seussful
And what s wrong with that why as sure as we’re standin. Seuss is good too and most folks understand him But don’t get the notion that the seussification of romy and j is our one main intention
We’d never do yhst No we wouldn’t oh no. And that’s why we’re bothering telling you so
A prologue is given to the top of the play A paragraph giving the whole plot away
It must be important there must be a reason for shaky to put it there Less he’s just teasin
Our prorogued addressed so let’s watch and see This lamentablr
Horrible Gross comedy! Oh, tragedy
Our thoughts are our own as I stand alone and I play on this xylophone eight belled trombone In this corner, here is Sampson Gregory, from the house of capitulate he was born angory. And representing the house of Lord Monotone, Abram Balthazar. He sings tenor
Hi And baritone
He’s lying my love you must never surrender Enter the prince, royal and wise. He’d had about all he can take from these guys. A crusader for peace he stops the fight. And everyone listens cuz they know he’s right. He paused and makes the most eloquent speech
Will you jerks knock it off I’m trying to sleep Upon hearing the princes great message of virtue the crowd all dispersed. It was almost past curfew. Only lord and Mrs. Monotone stayed
My love is fair stripped bare and cooked rare. But fair Cupid steals my bliss so I despair That was young Romeo, kid number one. But as you can see he’s not having much fun.
The party will never CURe my broken heart. But I’ll go along with you to take your part Meanwhile back at the capitulate place we meet Juliet full of splendor and grace
Zip zip Shabang also known as mercutio Now i think you can see by this point in the play that there isn’t a singular possible way that our show could have taken ok Seuss attributes. We’d sooner put bounce Berry beans in our boots
There are those who call me Romeo! Needless to say romys heartache was done. He met a new girl and she had good gum. All of the guests from the banquet had parted. But not Romeo. He was just getting started
Excuse me there Miss could I get your number So Romeo went back to monk larrys house. Not a creature was stirring not even
I’ll banish young Romeo from fair Verona as soon as I finish this slice of bologna Romeo has to go skip town or else the prince might find out and put him on the shelf. We see here young Julie as she thinks and sits.
I’m wife to a banished guy. Man that’s the pits Yeah that’s not all cuz there’s more pits in store. Here come her parents through her bedroom door
Shucks now I can’t play double sneetch blaster Surely by now you can see that it’s true. With dr. Seuss our play has nothing to do.
Well say it again in case you were snoozing. It never dawned on us to make this a Seuss thing Later that night Juliet ate the nuts
It’s our turn to scream Meanwhile back on the beach of kadid we meet up with Romeo. That’s where he hid
Off to Verona I go with my life to lay it before my corpse of a wife The mourners took one last look at Julie’s body. Then somebody yelled
Now there’s a reason that romeos death isn’t halting We switched his death cracker with a plain saltine.
We’ve read this show and it don’t end pretty So we tweaked the plot a bit, made it less gritty.
Juliet woke from her death grip Like slumvrr And overjoyed Romeo did a backflip dance number
He’s such a good listener They’ll both be attending the swish fishing opener
He’s the feud fixing chappie So all of the members of both families went through the machine just as fast as breeze. T took all the X’s and O’s of their tummies
Long years of bitterness melted away Now they had nothing but nice things to say
I like your trousers and you’re a nice guy There wasn’t anyone left who felt bugged
So they all partook of a giant group hug Group hug! It was official. The feuding had ended. The lovers kept loving and the families befriended
All from both families sold their bumbaloons. And with all the money they bought a pontoon And now every night with the fish and the ducks they all eat together at pontoon potlucks. Now you might have noticed that no one here died
What can we help it if our prologue lied. But come on that’s no way to end a good play Dr. Seuss wouldn’t I’d venture to say
That’s right he wouldn’t and neither would we. Even though our play is dr. Seuss free Well ok it did have a few small seussisms. Some overblown rhyming and minor plot schisms
This stuff of dangerous It shouldn’t be tried
To interpret William Shakespeare seussified Leave that to artists. They’ve had the right schoolin
They are the pros And they know what they’re doing. We hope you’ve enjoyed this tragic lament
Cuz we’ve all enjoyed it 100%
Curtain up again Ladies and menfolk
Women and gents Romeo and Juliet. Our prologues addressed
You’re a creep x3 Enter the prince the royal sap
Wow that’s good gum! Yum ditty yum! Later that night
Now I’m the death cracker consuming man Romeo danced. Not Even one died
Nobodys dead they’re al still alive Group hug. We hope you’ve enjoyed this tragic lament
Cuz we’ve all enjoyed it 100%
Faster and backwards! Percent hundred one Hug group
Go Romeo where’d Night that lster
Dad her with he’s Julie for suitor Juice fruit sneezle
Gents and women Menfolk and ladies

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