Mythological Allusions in Hamlet

Aeneas hero of the Trojan War, founder of Rome
Cyclops one eye, son of Poseidon, blinded by Odyseus
Damon/ Pythias Represented unwavering friendship and sacrifice, In Greek mythology, these were two inseparable friends who would lay down their lives for one another. They symbolize lasting friendship.
Dido founded carthage, tragic heroin, wounded by cupid, puppet of the gods
Hecate witch, connected with sorcery, goddess of the moon
Hecuba mother of Hector and Paris, devoted wife, watches husband die, the way she mourns so intensely is remembered
Hercules Killed his wife and kids, strongest man on earth, only defeated by the supernatural, defeated the 12 labors, total hero, overcame impossible deeds
Hyperion Titan, father of the son, moon and dawn; titans were the parents of the gods and strong and powerful
Lethe river of forgetfulness
Mars god of war, son of Zeus and Herra, very attractive, associated with bloodshed
Hermes (mercury) Messanger god, fleet footed, changeable, trickster, theif
Nemean Lion an enormous lion; first of 12 labors, no one could wound him accept hercules
Neptune brother of Zeus and ruler of the sea
Niobe Daughter of tantulus, known for great suffering and endless mourning
Phoebus (Apollo) son of Zeus and leto, god of light, truth, means billion/ shining, sun god, god of reason music, archery
Pelion large mountain, mountain home of the centaur, Chiron
Priam Hecuba’s husband and king of troy
Satyr goatman, associated with drunkeness, lust, followers of dionysis
Vulcan (hephaestus) god of fire, son of zeus herra, couldn’t walk, popular and well liked on earth