Much Ado About Nothing-Vocabulary

Valiant Adj: brave, courageous
Pestilence Noun: A deadly, epidemic disease.
Pernicious Adj: Gradually having a negative affect.
Flout Verb: To disobey rules or cause destruction.
Allegiance Noun: Loyalty or support towards a Country or Government.
Obstinate Adj: Refusing to change mind.
Vile Adj: Disgusting
Revel Verb: To take great delight in something.
Wit Noun: The ability to use words for a humorous effect.
Enfranchise Verb: To give someone the right to vote.
Melancholy Noun: Depression or deep sadness.
Disposition Noun: A person’s natural qualities of mind and character.
Shrewd Adj: Having good sense or judgement.
Counterfeit Adj: Fake
Slander Noun: The act of speaking a false statement that damages someone else’s reputation.