Much Ado About Nothing Themes

Marriage this is really considered an obligation at this time along with the importance of the inheritance of the money, the moment Claudio sees Hero he knows he must marry her not anything else
Lies and Deception this makes up much of the play with all that Don John does with the masked ball and the use of Margaret and Borachio, also the plan Don Pedro brings up to get Benedict and Beatrice together
Role of Women women play some of the most powerful and outward roles in the play with Beatrice, Hero, and Margaret all game changers of course Beatrice and Hero the 2 big love stories but also Margaret having the affair in Hero’s name, and at this time women weren’t even allowed to act they just cooked
Prose vs Poetry prose is more of a laid back conversation style of writing a play which is shown in this play to highlight the poetic important moments using iambic pentameter
Love only one of the many factors in the affair, it’s complicated
Reputation Beatrice and Benedict seem to want to protect their reputation the entire time of hating the other party, and they had to be told that the other liked them before they were outward different to gold this up, also they Leonato had to have Claudio announce that it was his mistake to keep the king’s reputation, because when he is embarrassed at the wedding he threatens to kill himself and doesn’t want Hero to get back up