Much Ado About Nothing Test

What was the name of Shakespeare’s theater? The Globe
When was Shakespeare born? April 23, 1564
Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-Upon-Avon
Where did Shakespeare die? Stratford-Upon-Avon
When did Shakespeare die? April 23, 1616
Who was Shakespeare’s wife? Anne Hathaway
Who was Shakespeare’s mother? Mary Arden
Who was Shakespeare’s father? John Shakespeare
What was Shakespeare’s father’s job? Tanner/glove maker
who were Shakespeare’s children? Twins, Judith and Hamnet and Susanna
What were the sketchy facts about Shakespeare’s marriage? He was 18 and she was 26She was suspected to already be pregnant
What was a family tragedy? Hamnet died when he was 11, 1596
Who were Shakespeare’s patrons? Queen Elizabeth and King James
What was Shakespeare’s acting group called? The Lord Chamberlain’s Men & The King’s Men
What did Shakespeare make most of his money from? % of Globe theater
Where did Shakespeare live when he wrote most of his plays? London
How many plays did Shakespeare write? 37
How many sonnets did Shakespeare write? 154
What are the big 4 tragedies? MacBeth, Hamlet, King Leer, Othello
What was different about the theater? No electricityNo restroomsNo intermission The seats closest to the stage were the cheapest (groundlings) Flags for play (tragedy– black, white– comedy, red– history) Play depended on weatherNo women Longer, all day plays More interactive
Who is Benedick? Don Pedro’s second in command Likes to jest Is adverse to marriage
Who is Don Pedro? The Prince of Navarre Match maker Honor bound
Who is Claudio? One of Don Pedro’s men Great warrior Falls instantly in love
Who is Leonato? Hero’s loving fatherGovernor of Messina
Who is Antonio? Leonato’s brother
Who is Don John? Don Pedro’s bastard brother Villain
Who is Conrade? Don John’s henchman A gentleman
Who is Borachio? Don John’s henchman Margaret’s lover
Who is Friar Francis? Devises plan to save Hero
Who is Dogberry? Silly police officer, uses a lot of malapropism, catches Conrade and Borachio, tries to tell Leonato but is too articulate
Who is Verges? Dogberry’s sidekick
Who is Balthazar? The singer”Note”
Who is Hero? Falls instantly in loveLeonato’s beautiful daughter Modest Young
Who is Beatrice? Witty, quick tongued Cousin of Hero Adverse to marriage
Who is Margaret? Hero’s handmaidenBawdy humor
Who is Ursula? Hero’s older handmaiden
What is the exposition in Claudio and Hero’s storyline? They come, Claudio is a war hero, Leonato invites them to stay, Hero and him fall in love (from sight)
What is the exposition in Beatrice and Benedick’s storyline? They come and continue their merry war of words
What is the inciting incident in Claudio and Hero’s storyline? Claudio agrees to having Don Pedro woo for him
What is the inciting incident in Benedick and Beatrice’s storyline? The family members deciding to pass the time by bringing the two together
What is the rising action in Claudio and Hero’s storyline? Claudio thinks DP woos for himself, they agree to marry,Don John devises a plan, Claudio falls for it, Claudio thinks Hero is sleeping with another man
What is the rising action in Benedick and Beatrice’s storyline? The trickings of Beatrice and Benedick Claudio rejects Hero at the altarConfess their love
What is the climax of Hero and Claudio’s storyline? Claudio rejects Hero at the altar
What is the climax of Benedick and Beatrice’s storyline? “Kill Claudio”
What is the falling action for Hero and Claudio’s storyline? Hero’s fake death Leonato and Antonio accuse Don Pedro and Claudio of killing Hero Benedick challenges Claudio Don John fleesBorachio confesses his villainy Claudio accepts his punishment and shames himself
What is the falling action for Benedick and Beatrice’s storyline? “Not for the wide world.” Benedick is engagedBenedick challenges ClaudioBenedick struggles to write love poetry The weddingThey deny each other in public Their poems are revealed
What is the resolution to Claudio and Hero’s storyline? Hero is unmasked and they agree to marry
What is the resolution to Beatrice and Benedick’s storyline? Their poetry is revealed and they agree to marry
What is the denouement of Claudio and Hero’s storyline? Don John is captured
What is the denouement of Beatrice and Benedick’s storyline? They Kiss, Beatrice is quiet and Benedick’s conclusion
Allusion A reference to something that it is assumed the reader is familiar with to connect the readers to the story Example: Dian in her orb, VenusHercules CupidHarpies
Aside An actor’s speech is heard by the audience or one other character, remark that is spoken in an undertone by a character– for humor, dramatic irony, or to inform some characters Example: “Oh ay, stalk on, stalk on, the fowl sits, I did never think that lady would love any man.” “Bait the hook well, this fish will bite.” “He hath ta’en the infection, hold it up.” “If he do not dote on her upon this, I will never trust my expectation.” “I should think this a gull but the white bearded fellow speaks it.”
Antithesis Use of opposites to achieve contrastFor emphasis or for points of high emotions”Most Foul, Most fair” “Pure impiety, impious purity” “Has done the feats of a lion in the figure of a lamb.” “Come lady, die to live.”
Blank Verse Unrhymed poetry written in iambic pentameterEx: And thou shalt see how apt it is to learnAny hard lesson that may do thee good
Comic relief Humorous scene or incident that provides respite from emotional intensity Ex. Benedick struggling to write poetry
Couplet two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme Example: Do not live, Hero, do not ope thine eyes For did I think thou wouldst not quickly die If it prove so, the loving goes by haps Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps
Echoing The reputation of certain words for emphasis or wordplay Example:I, me, minediedoHandMan
Iambic Pentameter 5 stress and unstressed syllables alternating in a line He is composed and framed of treachery And fled he is upon villainy
Imagery use of words to create vivid sensory experiences Example: Rotten Orange The pleasantest angling is to see the fish caught with her golden oars in the silver steam `
Malapropism Misuse of words in an illiterate humorous maker Example: salvation, damnation
Motif: A recurring word, phrase, idea, image etc. as unifying devices of the theme (Honor, Deserving, Shame)
Meter Reputation of regular rhythmic unit in a line of poetry
Pun a play on words Example: “Note this before my notes, there’s not a note worth noting.” “For my heart is exceeding heavy” “Twill be heavier soon by the weight of a man.”
Soliloquy A speech given by a a character when they are alone on the stage, unspoken reflections Ex. Benedick deciding he must in love
Prose unmetered language or speech
Verse Metered written language