Much Ado About Nothing Study Guide

What did Leonato say about weeping? It’s better to weep for joy than to take enjoyment from another person’s weeping.
How did Leonato describe the relationship between Benedick and Beatrice? Leonato explains that Beatrice and Benedick carry on a merry war of wits with one another.
What was the first thing that Beatrice said too Benedick when they met? Beatrice said that women everywhere should rejoice because you are not in love with women anymore.
How did Benedick describe Hero? He described her as a fair, kind, caucasian woman.
How did Claudio describe Hero? Claudio described Hero as a rare jewel and the most beautiful thing in the world.
What did Benedick tell Don Pedro about Claudio? Benedick told Don Pedro that Claudio is in love with Hero.
How did Benedick describe women? Benedick described women as money spenders.
What did Don Pedro say about Benedick being a bachelor? He said that Benedick would never go through life without being in love.
What was Benedick’s response to Don Pedro about not being a bachelor? Benedick said that if he ever breaks this commitment he can be used as target practice.
How will Hero find out that Claudio loves her? Hero will find out at a masquerade ball when Don Pedro pretends to be Claudio and Don Pedro confesses Claudio’s love for her.
How did Beatrice describe Don John? Beatrice described Don John as a painting of a man.
What did Beatrice say about beards and husbands? What Beatrice said about beards and husbands is that if she has a husband without a beard he is less of a man and if she has a husband with a beard he is more than a boy.
What did Beatrice call Benedick? What did she mean by this? Beatrice called Benedick a spoiled little boy, because he’s always talking or gossiping.
What was meant by the phrase,”The prince woos for himself”? This phrase means, The Prince wants hero for himself.
How did Claudio find out that Don Pedro was in love with Hero? Claudio found out from Don John or Benedick.
When Benedick saw Beatrice approaching himself and Don Pedro, what did Benedick ask Don Pedro to do? When Beatrice was approaching Benedick asked Don Pedro to send him on a mission to the ends of the world.
What name did Benedick have for Beatrice? Lady Tongue
How did Don Pedro describe his meeting with Hero? Don Pedro described his meeting with Hero as Fantastic and lovely.
Once it was known about Claudio and Hero marrying, how did Beatrice describe her situation? She described her situation as dreadful because everyone was getting a husband except her.
What did Borachio say would happen to Don Pedro, Claudio, Hero, and Leonato? Borachio said he would deceive Don Pedro, anger Claudio, ruin Hero, and kill Leonato.
What did Borachio tell Don John to do? Borachio told Don John to tell Don Pedro and Claudio that Hero is a ***** and bring her to her bedroom’s window at midnight to see for themselves on the night before the wedding.
How did Benedick describe the woman that he is looking for? Benedick is looking for a woman that is rich, smart, virtuous, beautiful, Mild-mannered, Noble, well spoken, an excellent musician, and her hair should be silky smooth.
Why was Leonato surprised about Beatrice loving Benedick? Leonato was surprised about Beatrice loving Benedick because she is always saying hateful things towards Benedick.
What did Don Pedro say was the reason that Beatrice won’t tell Benedick that she loves him? Don Pedro said that the reason why Beatrice won’t tell Benedick that she loves him is because it’s very possible that he’ll scorn it.
What was Benedick’s reaction to what Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio said in the garden? Benedick’s reaction was just the opposite of what Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato thought; Benedick started to have feelings for Beatrice.
What did Hero tell Margaret to do with Beatrice? Hero told Margaret to tell Beatrice to eavesdrop on Hero and Ursula’s conversation about her.
What was Beatrice doing when Margaret approached her about Hero in the garden? Beatrice was talking to Don Pedro and Claudio.
What was Beatrice’s reaction to the conversation in the garden about her? Beatrice’s reaction was her burning up with shame and saying that she will start loving Benedick.
How were Don Pedro and Cluadio describing the “new” Benedick? They were describing the new Benedick as a Dutchman.
What was Benedick’s reaction when his friends spoke to him? His reaction was him being upset and asking Leonato if he could talk to him privately so Don Pedro and Claudio couldn’t hear.
Explain Don John’s conversation with Don Pedro and Claudio about Hero? Don John’s conversation with Don Pedro and Claudio was about how Hero has been unfaithful to both of them and they come with Do John tonight they will see or hear a man walk into her bedroom chambers.
What was Dogberry and Verges job at the beginning of Scene 3? Their job was to stop all vagrant men you see in the Prince’s name.
Explain what Borachio and Conrade did at the end of scene 3? Borachio and Conrade told everything about Don John’s plan and Borachio was telling his story about how he got paid a thousand gold pieces to pretend that he was having sex with Hero so Don Pedro and Claudio could see that Hero was being unfaithful.
What was the general conversation between Hero, Beatrice, Margaret, and Ursula in Scene IV? The conversation was about what Hero is wearing for her wedding. Beatrice arrives and Margaret is happy she teases Beatrice about her changed personality. Margaret teases Beatrice about Benedick.
Describe Scene V from beginning to end? Scene V starts with Leonato preparing to enter the church for his daughter’s wedding. Dogberry and Verges catch up with Leonato and try to talk to him. They explain that they have caught two criminals and want to interrogate them in front of him. Leonato says that he has a busy day and orders Dogberry and Verges to question the men themselves and tell him about it later. Dogberry and Verges go and interrogate the two criminals. Leonato enters the church for her daughter’s wedding ceremony.
What was Claudio’s response to the Friar’s question of marriage? No
What did Claudio call Hero when he responded to her father, Leonato? He called Hero a rotting orange
What does Claudio call Hero’s blush? Claudio calls Hero’s blush guilty
Why did Don Pedro feel dishonored? Don Pedro felt dishonored because he felt that Leonato gave him a woman that was whorish for his friend.
What was the question that Claudio asked Hero to answer “truly to your name?” The question was, “What man were you talking too at your window last night, between the hours of midnight and one?”
After Hero fainted, what did Leonato say about Death? Leonato said that death is the best way to cover over Hero’s shame.
What did the Friar say about Hero and her guilt? The Friar said that Hero is not guilty because of the expressions that were present on her face.
What was the plan that the Friar had for Hero? The Friar’s plan was to play it off that Hero was actually dead and see how this whole mess would play out.
What did Benedick say about three men (Claudio, Don Pedro, and Don John)? Benedick said that Don John would want to trick Don Pedro and Claudio into thinking differently about sweet Hero so Don John could spoil Don Pedro and Claudio’s happiness.
What was Beatrice’s response when Benedick said that he loved her? Beatrice’s response to Benedick was startling and confused and she said that she loves him too.
What did Beatrice ask Benedick to do? What was Benedick’s response? Beatrice asked Benedick to kill claudio, Benedick’s first response was no and then he finally said yes.
Why was Prince John called a villain? He was called a villain because he tricked Don Pedro and Claudio into ruining Hero’s happiness for fun.
What happened to Prince John that morning? Prince John fled Messina.
Why was Antonio worried about Leonato? He was worried about Leonato because Antonio thought he was going to kill himself.
Who did Leonato say should give him “counsel”? Leonato said that,” Someone who has wronged me can counsel me”.
What did Antonio suggest that Leonato do to those who “do offend you”? Antonio suggested to make sure to make the people who offended yo suffer too( Don Pedro and Claudio).
What did Leonato challenge Claudio to do? Leonato challenged Claudio to a duel.
How did Don Pedro respond to Leonato and Antonio’s threats? Don Pedro laughed it off and tried to make peace between Claudio, Antonio, Don Pedro, and himself.
What is Don Pedro’s and Claudio’s reaction to Benedick? There reaction is startling.
How did Don Pedro and Claudio find out what really happened? They found out from Borachio when he was being arrested by the watchmen.
What did Borachio ask Don Pedro to do to him? Borachio asked Don Pedro to kill him.
What did Borachio say about Margaret? Borachio said that he was making sexual advances toward Margaret to make it look like he was doing it towards Hero and he said that Margaret was innocent.
What was Benedick’s advice to Beatrice when she said that she was ill? Benedick’s advice to Beatrice was to start loving him and she won’t be ill anymore.
What did Beatrice say when Benedick asked if she loved him? Beatrice said she loves him too.
How did Claudio and Hero prove that Benedick and Beatrice loved each other? They tricked them into realizing that they loved each other.
What was Bendick’s response to the Messenger at the end of the story? Benedick’s response to the messenger at the end of the story was,”Leave Don John till tomorrow I will think of some awful punishment for Don John later, Play on Musicians!”
Leonato’s niece and Hero’s cousin. A pleasant-spirited lady with a very witty tongue. She is generous and loving, but she continually mocks other people with elaborately tooled jokes and puns especially Benedick. She wages a war of wits against Benedick and often wins the battles. Beatrice
An aristocratic soldier who has recently been fighting under Don Pedro and he is a friend of Don Pedro and Claudio. He is very witty and is always making jokes and puns. He carries on a “merry war” of wits with Beatrice, but at the beginning of the play he swears he will never fall in love or marry. Benedick
A young soldier who has won great acclaim fighting under Don Pedro during the recent wars. He falls in love with Hero upon his return to Messina. His unfortunately suspicious nature makes him quick to believe evil rumors and hasty to despair and take revenge. Claudio
A beautiful young daughter of Leonato and the cousin of Beatrice. She is lovely, gentle, and kind. She falls in love with Claudio when he falls for her, but when Don John slanders her and Claudio rashly takes revenge, she suffers terribly. Hero
The Prince of Aragon. He is a longtime friend of Leonato, Hero’s father, and is also close to the soldiers who have been fighting under him—the younger Benedick and the very young Claudio. He is generous, courteous, intelligent, and loving to his friends, but he is also quick to believe evil of others and hasty to take revenge. He is the most politically and socially powerful character in the play. Don Pedro
A well respected elderly noble. His home is in Messina, Italy where the story takes place. Leonato is the father of Hero and the uncle of Beatrice. As governor of Messina, he is second in social power only to Don Pedro. Leonato
The illegitimate brother of Don Pedro; sometimes called “the Bastard. His personality is melancholy. He creates a dark scheme to ruin the happiness of Hero and Claudio. He is the villain of the play; his evil actions are motivated by his envy of his brother’s social authority. Don John
Hero’s serving woman, who doesn’t know that she is helping Borachio and Don John deceive Claudio into thinking that Hero is unfaithful. She is at a lower class than Ursula, Hero’s other women in waiting, Though she is honest, she does have some dealings with the villainous world of Don John. Her lover is the mistrustful and easily bribed Borachio. Margaret loves to make witty jokes and likes to tease people. Margaret
An associate of Don John. He is the lover of Margaret, Hero’s serving woman. He agrees with Don John to trick Claudio and Don Pedro into thinking that Hero is unfaithful to Claudio. His name means “drunkard” in Italian. Borachio
One of Don John’s more intimate associates, entirely devoted to Don John. He wants to intensify Don John’s feelings of being a social outcast and therefore motivate his desire for revenge. Conrad
He is in charge of the Watch or chief policeman of Messina. He is very sincere and takes his job seriously, but he has a habit of using exactly the wrong word to convey his meaning. He is one of the few middle-class characters in the play, though his desire to speak formally and elaborately like the noblemen becomes an occasion for parody. Dogberry
Dogberry’s assistant, chief policeman of Messina. Verges
Leonato’s elderly brother and Hero’s uncle. He is Beatrice’s father. Antonio
A waiting man in Leonato’s household and a musician. He flirts with Margaret at the masked party and helps Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro trick Benedick into falling in love with Beatrice. He sings the song, “Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more” about accepting men’s infidelity as natural. Balthasar
One of Hero’s waiting women. Ursula