Much Ado About Nothing Packet Questions Study Guide

Act 1, scene i: Where is the story set? Messina, Italy
Act 1, scene i: Who returns from war? Don Pedro of Aragon with is army of men
Act 1, scene i: Describe the military success. A few of the soldiers had died, but there were no large tragedies.
Act 1, scene i:Whom has Don Pedro honored? Claudio (a young Florentine)
Act 1, scene i:What does Beatrice want to know? She wants to know if Sr. Benedick has returned from war.
Act 1, scene i: How does she pun or play on the messenger’s words? The pun is on the word to. * Beatrice makes fun of Benedick saying she would eat all of his killing; she has a strong feeling he didn’t have it in him to kill anyone.
Act 1, scene i: What is her attitude toward Benedick? She makes fun of him; she insults him and his manhood.
Act 1, scene i: How do Beatrice and Benedick respond to each other? They are mean to each other; she says he is ugly and he says any man is lucky to get away from her.
Act 1, scene i: Who has been reconciled to Don Pedro? Don John (they had been separated and now they are on good terms)
Act 1, scene i: With whom is Claudio quite taken? Hero
Act 1, scene i: What does Benedick say about Hero? And about her cousin [Beatrice]? He says nothing particularly interesting about Hero. he says Beatrice is a fury in personality, but she is beautiful. He says Beatrice outshines Hero in beauty.
Act 1, scene i: What is Benedick’s attitude toward marriage? He does not think much of it. He says he would like to live as a bachelor all his life.
Act 1, scene i:What does Don Pedro predict for Benedick? He predicts that Benedick will fall in love one day.
Act 1, scene i: Why does Benedick joke about wearing horns? It is because when men were married, there wives always cheated on them and they were a cuckhold then who wore the horns of the bull. He assumes that if he marries he will be a cuckold, and he assumes all women are unfaithful.
Act 1, scene i: How does Don Pedro propose to aid Claudio? He will talk to Leonato and convince Hero to talk to Claudio, dressed as Claudio. D.P. is going to impersonate Claudio and tell Hero he loves her.
Act 1, scene ii: What does Antonio tell Leonato? The person discovered that the Prince Don Pedro is in love with Hero! (But in fact, Claudio really is!)
Act 1, scene ii: What will Leonato do? He doesn’t wish to question the overhearer and he is pleased with this.
Act 1, scene iii: Describe Don John’s personality. He is not a people-pleaser. He will not hide who he is to anyone. He is strong-willed, stubborn, and was born under gloom. He calls himself a cynic.
Act 1, scene iii: What advice does Conrad give to Don John? He tells D.J. to change his personality a bit. He says to try and get on Don Pedro’s good side. He says to try to conceal D.J.’s sadness.
Act 1, scene iii: How does Don John describe himself? He says he is a “plain-dealing villain.” He doesn’t care what people think of him.
Act 1, scene iii: What news does Don John receive, and how does he hope to act on it? Borachio says that Claudio wants to marry Hero. D.J. wants to cause a little mischief on the situation.
Act 1, scene iii: how does Don John feel toward Claudio? He doesn’t particularly like him. Also, he uses sarcasm to describe him. There seems to be a little jealously.
Act 2, scene i: What are some of Beatrice’s remarks about a husband? 1. She doesn’t want a man with a beard. (however, a man without one is less than a man.)2. She says all me are her brethren (thinks its a sin to marry her brother.)3. Doesn’t want a man made from the earth and dust.
Act 2, scene i: How does Beatrice insult Benedick when she speaks to him? She says he is a dull fool, or the Prince’s jest.
Act 2, scene i: What misinformation does Don John give Claudio? He says that Don Pedro loves Hero and wants to marry her himself. Claudio gives up on her after he hears this.
Act 2, scene i: How does Claudio react to what Benedick tells him? He says, “oh well, Don Pedro can have her.” He reacts with defeat and resignation.
Act 2, scene i: What does the bird’s nest imagery convey? It means Hero is of high value for Claudio.
Act 2, scene i: What does Benedick say about Beatrice (to Don Pedro)? He says her words stab at him because they are so insulting. He says that if her breath matched her insults, no one would live near her (or be able to for that matter). Benedick wouldn’t marry her even if she had paradise. He would rather go on any long journey instead of talking to her.
Act 2, scene i: What conflict is resolved? Claudio is able to marry Hero.
Act 2, scene i: How does Beatrice pun on the word “get”? When Don Pedro offers to get Beatrice a husband, she says I would rather have one of your father’s “getting” (His father’s sons). She puns on the word beget (to be the father of).
Act 2, scene i: What does Leonato say will take place in a week? Claudio and Hero’s wedding.
Act 2, scene i: What does Don Pedro plan? He is going to try and get Beatrice and Benedick together.
Act 2, scene ii: Explain Borachio’s plan. a. What will Borachio do?b. What will Don John do?c. Who will be deceived and how?d. What will the impact be? a. Borachio will be with Margaret in Hero’s bedroom window. b. He will tell Don Pedro that Claudio is about to marry a harlot. He will get Don Pedro and Claudio to stand outside the window and see “Hero” with some other guy. c. Claudio will be deceived by thinking that Hero is sneaking around with another man. d. Kill Leonato from heartbreak and ruin Hero’s reputation. And also, hurt Claudio.
Act 2, scene iii: How does Benedick criticize Claudio? He says he is changing because he fell in love. He says that Claudio’s speech has changed to something more proper with his choice of vocabulary and his music interests have changed from war beats to pretty melodies, and his clothing has changed to be more fashionable and proper.
Act 2, scene iii: What does Benedick vow? He won’t ever fall in love unless a woman has every positive quality he can think of. He will never be transformed by love.
Act 2, scene iii: What do Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio discuss within earshot of Benedick?a. What is said of Beatrice?b. Why does Benedick believe them?c. What do they say Beatrice does?d. How do they describe Beatrice?e. What is said of Benedick? a. She has a deep love for Benedick, but she won’t tell him and yet is tormented. She is very virtuous. b. They say Hero has told them. And, Leonato said it was true. c. They say she rips her hair out and freaks out over her bottled up affections. They also say she cries and tries to write to him of her love but she cant and tears the letters up. d. They describe her by saying that she hides her love and pretends to hate him. However, they also say she is virtuous, kind, sweet, beyond suspicion, and beautiful. e. The men say Benedick cannot know because he is unworthy of Beatrice, and they think he will make fun of Beatrice’s feelings. However, they also say he is very wise and has a nice semblance.
Act 2, scene iii: How does Benedick change his mind? He now is determined to love Beatrice and marry her.
Act 2, scene iii: Do you notice any change in Beatrice? Why does Benedick? No change in Beatrice but Benedick thinks she likes him and he is a lot nicer to her. He thinks everything she says has two meanings.
Act 3, scene i: What does Hero and Ursula discuss?a. How is Beatrice described?b. What does Hero say she’ll tell Benedick to do?c. How is Benedick described? a. They say that pride is her main fault. (proud of her wit)They also say her spirits are coy and wild, and disdainful. She cannot love and she is self-endeared. b. Hero says she’ll tell Benedick to fight his passions. c. He is said to have a great name in Italy, he is a rare gentleman.
Act 3, scene i: How is Beatrice affected? She is shocked they only see her for being proud and scornful. She vows to return the love to Benedick.
Act 3, scene ii: Describe Benedick’s mood. He is sick and in pain. He wears perfume and his beard is shaven. He complains of a toothache but the men think he is in love.
Act 3, scene ii: What does Don John advise Claudio to do? He advises Claudio to come with him to the window of Hero and see. Claudio responds that if she is unfaithful he will disgrace her in front of everyone on their wedding day.
Act 3, scene iii: What kind of characters are Dogberry and Verges? They are not well educated and ignorant flat characters. They are not fully developed at all and simply are placed into the story for a comic relief during the stress of the problem between Claudio and Hero.
Act 3, scene iii: What is odd about the way these characters use words such as “senseless”? They misuse a lot of words in malapropisms. Ex: comprehend instead of apprehend & by senseless they meant sensible.
Act 3, scene iii: What is unusual about the orders given to the watch? The watch is told to act cowardly. The three orders are to stop drunks from passing, same with thieves, and to stop babies from crying. However, if the people didn’t stop or listen to them then they should let those people just go on.
Act 3, scene iii: How has Borachio been successful? How has he earned a thousand ducats? He was seen by Claudio in Hero’s window with Margaret to trick Claudio. He was paid to do this by Don John.
Act 3, scene iv: What kind of tone does Margaret’s speech have? Hint: Hero says she should be ashamed. Her tone is sexual innuendo, implying that Hero and Claudio will “consummate the marriage.”
Act 3, scene iv: What does she imply about Beatrice? She is in love with Benedick.
Act 3, scene v: Comment on Dogberry’s use of language. He says “wits not so blunt” when he meant not so sharp.
Act 3, scene v: How does Dogberry insult Verges? He says he has little intelligence and is dull.
Act 3, scene v: What is Dogberry’s reaction to being called tedious? He thinks it means rich and takes it as a compliment.
Act 3, scene v: How could these men have helped Leonato? What do they fail to do? They could have told him the real truth in what happened the night before with Borachio and Margaret. This would have avoided Hero’s reputation being destroyed (for the time being). They fail to tell him because they are stupid.
Act 4, scene i: Of what does Claudio accuse Hero? He says she is “fair is foul.” Says she appears of being a maiden but really is not and sleeps with other men.
Act 4, scene i: What does Leonato think may have occurred? He thinks Claudio is referring to himself sleeping with Hero before their marriage.
Act 4, scene i: How does Don Pedro feel? What proof does he offer? He stands by Claudio and watches this unfold. He agrees with Claudio’s accusation and says he is sorry for bringing the two together. He says that he saw her with his own eyes in the window with another man.
Act 4, scene i: How does Leonato react when Hero swoons? He says she should just die; he says that if she doesn’t die from shame, he will kill her.
Act 4, scene i: What does Leonato regret, and what does he feel about Hero’s future? He regrets ever having one child and he says her future is ruined. He wishes he had just adopted a child so if this happened he could disown them.
Act 4, scene i:What does Friar Francis believe about Hero? He says her eyes and cheeks showed innocence.
Act 4, scene i: What is the Friar’s advice? He says to tell everyone that she has died, have a funeral, and do all of the normal death rituals.
Act 4, scene i: What does he hope his plan will accomplish? What does he say Leonato may do if the plan fails? He hopes that Claudio will feel remorse and realized how much he loved her. However, if the plan fails, Leonato should take Hero to a convent and have her hide there the rest of her life.
Act 4, scene i: What exchange occurs between Beatrice and Benedick? They confess their love for each other.
Act 4, scene i: What does Benedick agree to do to show his love for Beatrice? He is going to challenge Claudio to a duel and kill him.
Act 4, scene ii: What truth is revealed to the Sexton? That the events between Borachio and Margaret took place and that Borachio is guilty, as well as Don John.
Act 4, scene ii: Give examples of malapropisms and misunderstandings of Dogberry and Verges. Dissembly – assemblyExhibition- commissionEftist- deftest or fastest
Act 4, scene ii: Where are the prisoners to be taken? To Leonato to admit what they did.
Act 5, scene i: How does Antonio advise Leonato, and how does Leonato respond to the advice? Antonio advises Leonato to calm down and Leonato says ” in my situation you wouldn’t be calm either.” Leonato wants revenge.
Act 5, scene i: Describe Antonio and Leonato’s quarrel with Don Pedro and Claudio. Leonato blames Claudio for Hero’s death. Leonato and Antonio threaten to fight Don Pedro and Claudio.
Act 5, scene i: How do Don Pedro and Claudio react to Benedick? They don’t take him seriously, and make fun of him for being in love.
Act 5, scene i: What does Benedick make clear to Claudio? He says they cant be friends anymore and challenges him.
Act 5, scene i: What do Don Pedro and Claudio learn from Borachio? That Borachio was hired to slander Lady Hero and her reputation.
Act 5, scene i: What does Leonato ask Claudio to do? a. Tell people of Messina that Hero was innocentb. To hang an epitaph at her grave and singc. To marry Hero’s cousin instead.
Act 5, scene i: Comment on Dogberry. He is blind to the crime that really has occurred. He doesn’t know the truth.
Act 5, scene ii: What is Benedick trying to do? He is trying to write a sonnet for Beatrice.
Act 5, scene ii: Describe or give examples of Beatrice’s wit. Uses sarcasm and plays on words.
Act 5, scene ii: How does Benedick try to comfort Beatrice? He says that whoever she hates, he wont like them either.
Act 5, scene ii: Whom does Ursula say caused all the problems? Don John
Act 5, scene iii: What is Claudio doing in this scene? He is singing at Hero’s grave.
Act 5, scene iv: What does Benedick ask the Friar to do? He asks the Friar to marry him and Beatrice.
Act 5, scene iv: Why is Claudio so happy? He finds out that Hero is actually alive and he is married to her, finally. Also, he finds out that she is actually, truly a maid.
Act 5, scene iv: How do Beatrice and Benedick approach their marriage? They realize they were deceived to fall in love with each other. However, after they say they aren’t in love, Hero and Claudio show B and B letters written to each other by the other and they agree to get married, as if they are doing the other one a favor.
Act 5, scene iv: Who has reportedly been captured? Don John

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