Much Ado About Nothing Knowledge Check

The messenger tells Leonato someone will be arriving in Messina. Who is coming? Don Pedro of Aragon is coming with Count Claudio, Signior Benedick, and Don John.
Beatrice questions the messenger about someone. Who? Beatrice questions the messenger about Signior Benedick.
According to Leonato, who is fighting a “merry war?” Beatrice and Benedick continuously bicker whenever they are in each other’s company. This is the “merry war” that Leonato refers to.
Describe Beatrice’s greeting to Benedick upon his arrival. Beatrice immediately begins to insult him and he banters back.
How long do Don Pedro and his company plan on staying Messina? He and his company plan on staying in Messina for one month.
Who is Don John? Don John is Don Pedro’s villainous brother who has recently been reconciled to Don Pedro.
Who catches Claudio’s eye? Leonato’s daughter, Hero, catches the eye of the young Count.
What is it that Benedict swears will never happen to him? Benedick swears that he will never fall in love and marry.
Where does Claudio say he has spent time before coming to Messina? Claudio has been fighting in a war. Now that the war is over, he is ready to think about love.
What does Don Pedro intend to do for Claudio? Since Claudio seems to be too shy to speak to Hero on his own behalf, Don Pedro says that he will, at a masked ball, pretend to be Claudio and woo Hero for him.
Who is Antonio? He is Leonato’s brother and uncle to Hero and Beatrice.
What does Antonio claim to have learned from one of his servants? Antonio claims that one of his servants overhead that Don Pedro will woo Leonato’s daughter, Hero.
What is Leonato’s reaction to the news regarding Don Pedro’s wooing his daughter? He seems to be delighted that the Prince will be wooing his daughter, and he decides to share the news with Hero so that she might prepare an answer.
What are Don John’s true feelings toward his brother, Don Pedro? Don John resents his brother. Don John had gone against Don Pedro in a battle and lost. Don Pedro captured Don John and “reconciled” with him.
Who is Borachio? Borachio is one of Don John’s seedy companions.
What news does Borachio bring to Don John? Borachio tells Don John that he has learned that Don Pedro will woo Hero (in disguise) for Claudio at the masked ball.
What does Don John plan to do regarding Claudio and Hero? Why? Don John resents Claudio, and he hopes to ruin Claudio’s relationship with Don Pedro by foiling the plans surrounding Hero.
Who does Leonato notice is not at supper that evening? Leonato notices that Don John is not at supper that night.
For what does Beatrice say she is thankful to God every night? She says that she is thankful that she has no husband, and that she does not want to marry.
Where does Beatrice say that, as an unmarried woman, she shall go? In Shakespeare’s day, it was believed that all unmarried women go to the gates of hell upon death, so that is where Beatrice says she will find herself when she passes.
What kind of party is Leonato hosting? Leonato is hosting a masquerade party. This will lead to the ensuing confusion in the play.
How does Beatrice further insult Benedick at Leonato’s masquerade party? While dancing with a masked man, and not knowing that he is Benedick, Beatrice begins to talk negatively about Benedick all the more.
How does Don John feed false information to Claudio? Don John tells a masked Claudio—Don John knows it is Claudio even thought Claudio claims to be Signior Benedick—that Don Pedro is wooing the fair Hero for himself. This makes Claudio angry because Don Pedro had promised to woo Hero for him.
Who does Claudio become angry with after Don John shares what he has “heard?” Claudio has the audacity to blame Hero for Don Pedro’s “wooing” because “beauty is a witch.” She must have bewitched Don Pedro to betray Claudio.
What hint does Beatrice drop about the possible reason for her treatment of Benedick? When speaking of Benedick, she admits that he lent his heart to hr for a while, but he hurt her.
What news does Don Pedro bring to Claudio? Don Pedro tells Claudio that he has won Hero’s hand in marriage for Claudio. Claudio now changes his attitude about Hero and becomes a happy groom-to-be.
What plan does Don Pedro begin to concoct? Don Pedro plots to bring Beatrice and Benedick together.
What plan does Borachio devise that pleases Don John? Borachio tells Don John that he will “visit” Margaret in the night and manage to get them both near a window where Don John will attempt to “prove” to Claudio that Hero is unfaithful. Don John will make both Don Pedro and Claudio believe that it is Hero at the window with Borachio and not Margaret.
What does Don John promise Borachio if he is able to pull of his scheme? Don John will give Borachio one thousand ducats if he is successful.
What information does Don John say he is going to obtain? Don John intends to learn the date of Claudio and Hero’s wedding so that the plan can be put in motion.
Why does Benedick send a servant to retrieve a book from his room? Benedick wants to be alone with his brooding about Claudio.
What changes in Claudio’s behavior does Benedick notice? Benedick notices that instead of war drums and the fife, the valiant soldier Claudio now seems to prefer chamber music. He says that at one time Claudio would have walked ten miles to get a suit of armor, but now he’ll spend ten sleepless nights making a new jacket instead. At one time, Claudio spoke plainly and to the point, but now he writes poetry and plays with words.
What does Benedick blame for the unfavorable changes he sees in Claudio? Benedick attributes the unfavorable changes to the fact that Claudio has fallen in love with Hero; Claudio is not the man he used to be.
What qualities must a woman possess before Benedick will even consider her for a wife? Benedick claims that she must be rich, wise, virtuous, fair, mild, noble, of good discourse, and an excellent musician.
What story do Don Pedro, Balthasar, and Claudio tell while Benedick is hiding in the arbor? Don Pedro, Balthasar, and Claudio talk about how much Beatrice is in love with Signior Benedick.
What knowledge do Don Pedro, Balthasar, and Claudio have that Benedick is not aware of? Don Pedro, Balthasar, and Claudio know that Benedick is in the arbor listening to every word. They want him to think that Beatrice loves him so that he will then fall in love with her.
What is Benedick’s reaction to the news he overhears? He is stunned and changes his mind about never marrying. He claims that he will have Beatrice as his wife.
What plan have Hero, Margaret, and Ursula agreed to participate in? The women know about Don Pedro’s plans for Benedick, and they are going to do the same to Beatrice. They know that she is hiding nearly, so they begin a conversation in which they state that Benedick is in love with Beatrice.
Why does Hero claim that she will never tell Beatrice of Benedick’s “affections?” As part of her ruse to get Beatrice to change her shrewish ways, Hero says that she would never tell Beatrice about Benedick’s feelings because, since Beatrice is such a nasty person, she would make fun of poor Benedick’s affections toward her.
What is Beatrice’s reaction to what she overhears? Beatrice feels badly for the way she has acted and she wants Benedick to “love on” because she is about to change her ways.
Where is Don Pedro headed after Claudio and Hero’s wedding? He is planning to return home to Aragon. Claudio insists on accompanying him, but Don Pedro says that Claudio had better stay with his wife after the wedding.
What excuse does Benedick give for his melancholy behavior? Benedick claims to have a toothache.
What do Don Pedro and Claudio claim is “wrong” with Benedick? The men know that Benedick is pining for Beatrice.
What changes has Benedick made to his physical appearance? Benedick has shaved off his beard. It is possible that he overheard Beatrice’s claim that she could not endure a man with the beard.
What false news does Don John bring to Don Pedro and Claudio? Don John claims that Hero is disloyal to Claudio with other men.
How does Don John intend to “prove” his accusations? Don John says that he, Don Pedro, and Claudio will stand below Hero’s window that night to “witness” Hero’s behavior. The reader is already aware that the woman at the window will be Margaret, not Hero.
What does Claudio intend to do if finds out that Hero truly is inappropriately seeing other men? Claudio says that if what Don John says is true, then he will shame Hero publicly at the wedding.
Who is Dogberry? Dogberry is the bumbling Constable of Messina.
What does the reader notice about Dogberry’s and Verges’s speeches? Both Dogberry and Verges use incorrect diction (malapropisms) when they speak. They confuse such words as “salvation” for damnation” and “desertless” for “deserving.” They adds to the comic relief of the play.
How does Dogberry instruct his watchmen to deal with any wrongdoers they may encounter? He tells the watchmen that they should speak to the offenders, but if the offenders do not comply with the watchmen’s requests, the watchmen are to let them go on their way.
What do the watchmen happen to overhear? The watchmen overhear Borachio brag to Conrad about how he earned one thousand ducats from Don John for fooling Claudio into thinking that Hero was disloyal.
Describe Beatrice’s mood during the scene with Hero and Margaret. To what does Hero contribute this mood? Beatrice is melancholy and claims that she is ill. Hero says that Beatrice is sick with love for Signior Benedick.
Describe the verbal banter among the women as they prepare for the wedding. The women, except Beatrice, are jovial and make many sexual puns as they prepare for her wedding.
What does Dogberry tell Leonato right before the wedding and what is Leonato’s reply? Dogberry insists that Leonato speak to him and cross-examine a pair of scoundrels that were arrested outside Leonato’s house. Leonato says that he is too busy with his daughter’s wedding and that Dogberry should just examine the offenders himself.
What is Claudio’s response when the Friar asks if he comes to be married? He simply tells the Friar “no.”
What does Claudio call Hero? He calls her a “rotten orange.”
What is Claudio’s accusation against Hero? Claudio claims that Hero is “an approved wanton” and that she has been unfaithful to him with Borachio. He tells those at the wedding that he saw Hero at the window with Borachio the night before.
How does Hero react to Count Claudio’s claims? Hero first denies Claudio’s accusations and then she faints.
Describe Leonato’s reaction to the Count’s accusations. Leonato believes the Count and denounces Hero as his daughter. He also wishes her dead.
Who defends Hero by saying that her blushes were from embarrassment and not from shame? The Friar defends Hero.
Who does Benedick suspect is behind the confusion surrounding Hero? Benedick believes that Don John is somehow involved in the confusion.
Describe the plan that the Friar creates regarding Hero. The Friar tells Leonato to publicly announce that Hero died after being accused, and that he should keep her hidden. The Friar believes that Claudio will feel remorse for his role in her “death” and eventually realize that he had been wrong about her faithfulness. If this does not work, the Friar says that Leonato can put Hero in a cloister.
What confession does Beatrice make to Benedick? Beatrice tells Benedick that she loves him.
What request does Beatrice make of Benedick? Beatrice demands that Benedick prove his love for her by killing Claudio for what he did to Hero.
Of what crimes does Dogberry accuse Borachio and Conrad? Dogberry confuses his words and claims that Borachio and Conrad are accused of: perjury: for calling Don John a villain (confused with libel) and burglary: for accepting money for wrongly accusing Hero (confused with bribery).
What does Don John do after Hero is accused? Don John “secretly steals away” for Messina.
What does the Sexton suggest that Dogberry do with his prisoners? The Sexton suggests that Dogberry take them before Leonato and show him his examination of them.
For what “virtues” does Dogberry claim that he should be respected? Dogberry believes that he should be respected because he is wise, an officer of the law, and a landowner. He also claims that he is rich and handsome; therefore, he deserves respect.
What advice does Antonio give his brother regarding his grief? Antonio tells Leonato to not take all the grief upon himself but to make those who caused the grief to suffer as well, namely Claudio and Don Pedro.
Why does Leonato challenge Claudio to a duel? Leonato challenges Claudio to a duel for wronging his innocent daughter.
How does Antonio defend Leonato? Antonio also challenges Claudio.
Why does Benedick also challenge Claudio? He challenges Claudio in response to Beatrice’s request; to prove his love for Beatrice.
How does Don Pedro attempt to diffuse the situation between Claudio and Benedick? Don Pedro attempts to tease Benedick about Beatrice’s behaviors; however, he does not realize that comments about Beatrice are no longer a joke to Benedick.
What news does Claudio learn from Borachio? When Dogberry brings the convicts forward, Borachio admits his part in the plot to disgrace Hero and that it was an unassuming Margaret at the window that night.
What does Claudio claim is his only sin in the events surrounding Hero’s “death?” Claudio claims that his only sin in the whole situation is that he mistook Margaret for Hero.
What things does Leonato insist that Claudio do in order to restore his daughter Hero’s honor? Claudio must: 1) publicly proclaim that he was wrong and Hero was innocent of any wrongdoing, 2) hang an epitaph on her tomb expressing her innocence, and 3) marry a “niece” of Leonato’s that looks just like Hero.
Why does Beatrice want to know what has happened between Benedick and Claudio? She hopes to hear that Benedick is planning to kill Claudio.
What does Claudio do at Hero’s tomb? Claudio reads a poem that he wrote about Hero, and he hangs it on her tomb.
Who sings a hymn at Hero’s tomb in her honor? Balthasar sings a hymn at Hero’s tomb.
Who does Leonato claim were completely innocent in the accusations about Hero? Leonato claims that Hero, Claudio, and Don Pedro were innocent victims in Don John’s plot.
Besides Don John, who does Leonato decide is also partly to blame for what happened to his daughter? Leonato claims that Margaret is also partly to blame for what happened to Hero.
What does Leonato instruct Hero, Margaret, Ursula, and Beatrice to do when Claudio arrives for the wedding ceremony? Leonato instructs the women to come in wearing masks.
How does Don Pedro describe Benedick’s expression when he and Claudio enter? Don Pedro claims that Benedick has a “February face, so full of frost, or storm and cloudiness.”
What does Claudio discover once the wedding party enters? Claudio learns that Hero is not really dead and that they are to be wed. All is forgiven.
What “evidence” do Claudio and Hero produce as proof that Benedick and Beatrice love each other? Both Claudio and Hero produce sonnets that each has written about the other. Benedick and Beatrice then marry.