Much Ado About Nothing Characters Guide

Benedick Love/Hate relationship with Beatrice; Soldier for Don John
Beatrice Love/Hate Relationship with Benedick; Cousin of Hero; Niece of Leonato
Hero Lover of Claudio; Daughter of Leonato; Cousin of Beatrice
Claudio Lover of Hero; Friends with Benedick; Soldier for Don John
Don Pedro Friends with Leonato; Brother of Don John; Leader of Claudio and Benedick
Don John Antagonist of the story; Hates Claudio and Don Pedro; Leader of Conrade and Borachio
Dogberry Master Constable; Leader of Verges and George Seacole
Leonato Uncle of Beatrice and Hero; Friends with Don Pedro
Margaret Loves Borachio; Serves Hero along with Margaret
Borachio Serves Don John along with Conrade
Conrade Serves Don John along with Borachio
Ursula Serves Hero along with Margaret
Verges Serves Dogberry with George Seacole
George Seacole Serves Dogberry with Verges