Much Ado About Nothing Characters

Leonato Governor of Messina. Tricked into thinking his daughter, Hero, is unfaithful to Claudio untl he realizes the truth and is reunited with her at the end of the play
Antonio Leonato’s older brother- a good hearted man
Claudio Young lord of Florence- immature- matures by the end of the play when he is united with his beloved Hero
Don Pedro Prince of Aragon- intelligent- happiest of all characters in the play when the deceptions by his villainous “bastard brother” Don John are revealed
Benedick Young lord of Padua- witty, adament about nevery marrying despite the fact he is in love with Beatrice- at the ed they represent “the perfect match”
Don John The “villain” – acknowledges his strain of evil and is obsessed with little else unless it involves making his brother, Don Pedro, unhappy
Balthasar Attendant to Don Pedro
Borachio Don John’s accomplice
Conrade Another of Don John’s accomplices
Hero Leonato’s beautiful daughter, beloved of Claudio- scorned by him when he is tricked into thinking she is unfaithful- She wants to die and thus her “resurrection” when Claudio realizes she has be true to him all along
Beatrice Vocal focus of the play- Wages a “merry war” with Benedick, sure that he loves her- she is right
Margaret Hero’s attendant- she is a flirt with Benedick, terrible gossip and makes love with Borachio- not a real villainess, just a simpleton
Ursula Another attendant of Hero
Dogberry Funny constable who fractures both logic and the English language- brings villains to justice, but by accident
Verges Dogberry’s bumbling assistant
Friar Francis Quiet voice of goodness and sanity in the midst of all the romantic mix- up