Much Ado About Nothing Act I, II, III Quiz

Where does the play take place? Messina
Who is the character who vows to live a bachelor for the rest of his life? Benedick
Which character refuses all men and scorns their very existence? Beatrice
Which couple falls in love at first sight? Hero and Claudio
Who woos Hero for Claudio? Don Pedro
Which characters trick Benedick into thinking Beatrice loves him? Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato
Which two characters trick Beatrice into thinking Benedick loves her? Hero and Ursula
Who decides Beatrice and Benedick will make a good match? Don Pedro
Beatrice and Benedick both decide to return each other’s love. True
Don John is NOT the illegitimate brother of Don Pedro. False
What does Don John do at the party? He tries to trick Claudio into thinking Don Pedro woos Hero for himself.
Which two men are in cahoots with Don John? Conrad and Borachio
Benedick tricks Beatrice into talking about him at the party because he is wearing a disguise. True
Who comes up with the plan to trick Don Pedro and Claudio into believing Hero is disloyal? Borachio
What is the name of the constable(police man) who thinks he’s smart, but ends up using the wrong words. Dogberry