Much Ado About Nothing. Act 4-5

The messenger tells Leonato someone will be arriving in Messina. Who is coming? Don Pedro and his soldiers (benedick and Claudio)
Beatrice questions the messenger about someone. Who? Benedick
Describe Beatrice’s greeting to Benedick upon his arrival rude and hurtful
How long do Don Pedro and his company plan on staying in Messina 1 month
who is Don John Don Pedro’s half brother; “illegitimate”; “villain”
who catches Claudio’s eye Hero
What is it that Benedick swears will never happen to him he won’t ever get married
Where does Claudio say he has spent time before coming to Messina fighting in war
What does Don Pedro intend to do for Claudio woo Hero for him
Who is Antonio old man; Leonato’s brother; Hero’s uncle; Beatrice’s uncle
What does Antonio clam to have learned from one of his servants her heard Don Pedro is going to woo Hero
What is Leonato’s reaction to the news regarding Don Pedro’s wooing his daughter he was excited; had to tell her about it so she is prepared to respond properly
what are Don John’s true feelings toward his brother, Don Pedro? hates him; do anything to spite him
who is Borachio? Don John’s friend ; helps with plan to ruin love
What news does Borachio bring to Don John? Don Pedro is going to woo Hero for Claudio
What does Don John plan to do regarding Claudio and Hero? why? he wants to ruin their wedding; makes Don John look bad; wants to spite his brother
Who does Leonato notice is not at supper that evening Don John
For what does Beatrice say she is thankful to God every night? that she’s not married
where does Beatrice say that, as an unmarried woman, she shall go? first hell; then heaven
What kind of party is Leonato hosting masquerade
How does Beatrice further insult Benedick at Leonato’s masquerade party? she insults him; calls him a tool; to his face, doesn’t know it’s him
Who does Claudio become angry with after Don John shares what he has “heard” Don Pedro
What hint does Beatrice drop about the possible reason for her treatment of Benedick they were supposed to get married but he broke her heart
What news does Don Pedro bring to Claudio he won over Hero for him
What plan does Don Pedro begin to concoct? to get Benedick and Beatrice together
What plan does Borachio devise that pleases Don John? to make Claudio think hero is cheating on him
What does Don John promise Borachio id he is able to pull off his scheme 1,000 ducats
What info does Don John say he is going to obtain Claudio and hero’s wedding date
why does Benedick send a servant to retrieve a book from his room he wants to be alone
what changes in Claudio’s behavior does benedick notice he stops talking about war and more about love
what does benedick blame for the unfavorable changes he sees in Claudio love
what qualities must a woman possess before benedick will even consider her for a while noble, nice hair, speak well, good-looking, rich, good virtues, a musician, and mild
what story do don pedro, balthasar, and Claudio tell while benedick is hiding in the arbor how Beatrice is secretly in love with benedick; but she’ll never admit it
hero talks!!! what sort of person is she when she is with the other women she is a gossip
how effective are hero and Ursula in getting Beatrice to think that benedick is in lover with her very effective, she wants to change, prove them wrong
how does Beatrice respond to what she has heard insulted; wants to change
what happens when benedick encounters don pedro, leonato, and claudio they make fun of him for being in love
what does don john tell don pedro and Claudio? what does he arrange for them to do? how willing are they to believe him? Hero is unfaithful; disloyal; said he could show her in the act; they need proof to believe it
how confident does the city’s police force make you? is dogberry a good constable? how does this part of the scene affect the tone of the play? not very; don’t do job; no; doesn’t enforce rules; makes it comical (comic relief)
what do the watchmen learn from borachio and comrade? what action do the watchmen take? are they able to capture deformed? will what they have done save the wedding and the play? don john’s plan (evil); arrest them;no deformed is Don John; no; cops aren’t good
what is happening in scene four? do we still get to see the new hero? how does hero feel? how does Beatrice feel? does she get sympathy from hero and Margaret? hero and the other women are getting ready for the wedding; no; serious/offended; nervous for wedding and very much in love; “stuffed” (love sick); no; they made fun of her
How effective are dogberry and verges in getting leonato to understand what they have learned? can we expect another scene with dogberry? they aren’t; kept talking; didn’t understand what dogberry was saying; yes; we don’t know what happened with the prisoners
what happens at the wedding Claudio accuses hero of being unfaithful
how would you rate the behavior between Claudio and don pedro childish and vindictive; trying to get revenge
how does hero respond she denies it; doesn’t know what’s going on
how does leonato respond believes it immediately; says she’s better off dead
what happens to hero she faints
in the next scene, how supportive of hero is leonato not at all
who perhaps surprisingly has not left with Don Pedro and Claudio benedick
who is the first person to stand up for hero beatrice
how well does the friar handle the situation? what plan does he offer came up with the solution of her pretending to die, so Claudio feels guilty and when she comes he’ll want to be with her again
what does benedick say he’ll do; why is he willing to support the family and plan wants to go with plan to impress beatrice
what happens when Beatrice and benedick are left alone? Is she saying benedick isn’t a man they confess their love; he isn’t a man unless he kills claudio
is this a strange time for a mutual declaration of love? what does it lead to yes; hero’s wedding was just ruined; he’s chosen love over friends
will benedick kill Claudio? what in fact has he agreed to? what does it mean that benedick is now standing for the honor of leonato’s family against his military companions? he’s going to challenge him to a dual; shows love is most important to him
what most bothers dogberry in the examination of the prisoners? does he get it quite right in what he says? how does his speech affect our understanding of dogberry they call him an ass; yes he is; shows he’s not educated
what are leonato and Antonia saying at the beginning of the scene? how has leonato’s understanding of the situation changed? what will leonato do they’re upset at Claudio; she’s very innocent; challenge him
what does leonato try to do when don pedro and Claudio enter? how do they treat him? what do leonato and Antonio call Claudio? how does don pedro respond to them? insults them and challenges them; disrespectful; called him an old man; called Claudio a boy; don pedro supports claudio
How successful is benedick in challenging Claudio, and how do Claudio and don pedro respond to him? do they take him seriously? should they? he’s not; they laugh at him; no, he’s only doing it for beatrice
what do don pedro and Claudio learn? what is Claudio’s reaction don john’s real plan; feels guilty
what penance does leonato set?
what is the nature of dogberry’s humor? does he think he is funny he is uneducated; no
how good a poet is benedick? how are Beatrice and bendeick now they are in love
what news does Ursula bring don john escaped and he was behind the plan
how is the memorial service? is there a pun on preyed/prayed somber/remorseful; yes
how will this marriage service be different? what does benedick ask the friar veils, not masks; to marry beatrice
why is “neice” veiled? so they don’t know its hero
what might be the problem with a young lady in the family that no one has heard of before? they say she looks like hero so they might be suspicious
why must Claudio promise to marry her before he sees her face? what happens when Claudio does make that promise leonato was testing him; she unveils
how willing do Beatrice and benedick seem to be about marrying each other? how do the others force them to admit their love? how serious are Beatrice and benedick here and how much of this playing with the others embarrassed in front of people; love notes; very serious
what is benedick’s advice to don pedro? what does he mean by “man is a giddy thing” to get a wife; ne don’t know what they want
whose plan gets overruled, and by whom? what might his reaction be benedick’s plan gets overruled by leonato; he laughed
what will happen to don john? what is the effect of mentioning don john at the end of the play? do we need to know this information? what would be different if don john wasn’t mentioned? punished; resolution, happy ending; yes; he could do this again; sequal
where did this story take place messina, italy
what is the climax Claudio rejects hero at the alter
who portrayed “the road to marriage is often lined with pitfalls and impediments”
what goes with “people often wear masks to disguise their true feelings” veils at party; Beatrice who pretended she didn’t love benedick at masquerade
what goes with “all is not what it seems” hero at final wedding; don john’s plan
what goes with “love is not blind” Hero and claudio
what goes with “love is blind” benedick and Beatrice
what does with “a woman’s chastity is a treasure no man should possess except in marriage” Hero
what are the two plots that diverge love story and civil plan
what are dogberry’s malapropisms he says things he doesn’t mean
what is a pun a play on words
what is clever word play metaphors
what kind of innuendo was used sexual
was this a tragedy or comedy a comedy