Much Ado About Nothing Act 3 Study Guide

1. On what errand does Hero send Margaret? Hero wants Margaret to lure Beatrice to the garden (the Garden of Eavesdropping, remember?)
2. What does Beatrice overhear? Hero plans to have a conversation with Ursula praising all of Benedick’s virtues, and insisting that Benedick is desperately in love with Beatrice. The girls are certain this trick will win Beatrice over to the Benedick fan club.
3. What is ironic about Hero saying she will slander Beatrice to Benedick, so he won’t love her anymore? For the jelousy, whats going to happen
4. What does Beatrice resolve? That she will be kind for now on she’ll love benidick
5. What physical ailment troubles Benedick? He has a toothache
6. How was Benedick changed his appearance and why? His beards been shaved off and he brushes his hat bececause, he is in love with Beatrice
7. What conclusion do Don Pedro and Claudio draw from Benedick’s new appearance? That he is in love
8. How does Don John try to gain the trust of Don Pedro and Claudio? Show that Hero is cheating
9. What does Don John tell Don Pedro and Claudio? That hero is unfaithful
10. What decision do Claudio and Don Pedro make and why? They will expose Hero at the wedding
11. What jobs are held by Dogberry and Verges? To assign jobs to the watchmen
12. What stereotype are Dogberry and Verges? Misguided
13. What is the watch’s job that night? To make sure nothing happens that would affect the wedding
14. What is Borachio’s main vice? Paid to do evil
15. What does Borachio tell Conrade? What happens when he finishes the story? Tells him that he deceived Claudio and don Pedro, etc.and at end gets arrested
16. As the women prepare for the wedding, what do they discuss? Clothing,Beatrice’s behavior, sex
17. What is wrong with Beatrice, and what does Margaret say is wrong with the diagnosis? Love sick
18. What does Margaret claim will cure Beatrice? What pun is made and to what effect? Cardoubeneticus,Benedick
19. Why have Dogberry and Verges come to see Leonato? They found the criminals
20. What does Leonato do? How does the decision affect the action? Come back later, his decision to proveHero inosence