Much Ado About Nothing Act 3 Scenes 1+2 Quiz {Nugent}

what is Hero’s job to talk about while Beatrice is listening to her conversation with Ursula? her job is to talk about how much Benedick loves Beatrice
what is Ursula’s job to talk about while Beatrice is listening to her conversation with Hero? to praise Benedick
does Beatrice know what the plan entails? no. Beatrice has no idea
what does Ursula compare this plan to? fishing. she says “The pleasant’st angling is to see the fish cut with her golden oars the silver stream and greedily devour the treacherous bait. So angle we for Beatrice, who even now is couched in the woodbine coverture. Fear you not my part of the dialogue”
what does Hero say about Beatrice regarding her personality? “O god of love! I know [Benedick] doth deserve as much as may be yielded to a man. But nature never framed a woman’s heart of prouder stuff than Beatrice. Disdain and scorn ride sparkling in her eyes, misprizing what they look on, and her wit values itself so highly that to her all matter else seems weak. She cannot love, nor take no shape nor project of affection, she is so self-endeared”
according to Hero, why doesn’t Beatrice have a husband? she is too picky, she is too proud to love someone else, she is picky, and that if she knew of Benedick’s love she would make fun of him
why do Benedick and Beatrice change their minds about loving eachother so quickly? they have always had feelings for each other, but are afraid of being hurt/ rejected, thus resulting in their mean attitude towards each other. However, once they hear that they love one another, they are safe to not be mean to each other and reveal their true feelings
what does Ursula tell Hero after she suggests to tell Benedick not to love Beatrice? “O, do not do your cousin such a wrong! She cannot be so much without a true judgment, having so swift and excellent a wit as she is prized to have, as to refuse so rare a gentleman as Signior Benedick”
what does Ursula tell Hero after their conversation/plan goes along successfully? “She’s limed {trapped} , I warrant you. We have caught her, madam”
what does Beatrice say after overhearing Hero and Ursula’s conversation? she wants to marry Benedick, she loves him, and she wants to change and be better
how is Benedick acting after discovering his great love for Beatrice? he is acting very strangely, he is in love
why are Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro making fun of Benedick? Because he is in love
what does Benedick want to talk about, surprisingly? marriage
what does Don John tell Claudio? that Hero has been disloyal to him and that he will prove it.
what does Claudio say? who supports him? Claudio says that if he sees Hero cheating on him, he will publically shame her at their wedding. the prince/ Don Pedro supports him (since he was the matchmaker and feels responsible)
how does Don John make it look like Hero is cheating on Claudio? Don John shows Borachio with Margaret (who looks like Hero from behind) and he calls Margaret “Hero”, so Claudio believes that Hero has been unfaithful.

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