Much Ado About Nothing Act 3 Scene 1

What does Margaret do sent by Hero? find Beatrice to have her sneak into the arbor to eavesdrop the convo
Honeysuckle variety of plants
What’s going to be Hero’s and Ursula’s conversation? How sick in love is Benedick to Beatrice
Who is the trick meant to be to in this section? Beatrice
Why are Hero and Ursula saying info in front of Beatrice? Because they know she’s hiding
What happens when Beatrice meets a good man? She changes the good qualities of them to bad ones
What advise does Hero try to give to Beatrice while talking to Ursula? to fight his own emotions
Who’s the man of Italy? Benedict
Was it a trick or real? trick
Where is Beatrice first found in scene? Living room
What’s the best part about fishing? watching fins cut through the water
What happens if someone gives Beatrice a reflection of her? they get mocked
Hero’s cousin> Beatrice
What’s did Hero say she was going to do to her cousin? make up awful rumors about her
What is Benedick considered throughout Italy? best man, looks, bravery, and intelligence
Why does Hero say she’ll make up things about her cousin? She wants Benedick to learn to fight his own emotions
Why, you speak truth. I never yet saw man,How wise, how noble, young, how rarely featuredBut she would spell him backward. If fair-faced,She would swear the gentleman should be her sister;- Who says this? Hero
The pleasant’st angling is to see the fishCut with her golden oars the silver streamAnd greedily devour the treacherous bait- WHo says this? Ursula
No, rather I will go to BenedickAnd counsel him to fight against his passion;And truly I’ll devise some honest slandersTo stain my cousin with. One doth not knowHow much an ill word may empoison liking- WHO? Hero
What’s fire in my ears? burning up w/shame
What would’ve happened if Beatrice knew about his love? Benedick would’ve been teased