Much Ado about Nothing act 3

On whom do Hero and Ursula play the gull? Beatrice
Where is Beatrice during this scene? Is hidden in the honeysuckle arbor
Who told Hero that Benedick was in love with Beatrice? Don Pedro and Claudio
What character defects does Hero ascribe to Beatrice? Disdainful, scornful and full of intellectual pride
How would Beatrice treat a fair-faced man? Swear the gentleman be her sister
Why does Hero say it is useless to mention these defects of character to Beatrice? Because Beatrice would respond with mockery
What counsel does Hero intend to give to Benedick? To tell benedick yo fight against his passion
Which scene in the play does this one parallel? That Benedick was hull just like Beatrice
How does Cupid kill? With arrows, some with traps
Which faults does Beatrice willingly give up in her soliloquy? Beatrice willing surrenders contempt and maiden pride in her soliloquy
When does this scene take place? Night before the wedding
What is Benedick’s observation about grief? Everyone can master it but he that has it
Has anyone seen Benedick at the barber’s? No but the barber is seen with Benedick
What does Claudio say about Benedick’s jesting spirit? That Benedick jesting spirit is now crept into a lute string and now governed by stops
What malady does Benedick claim to have? Suffer form a toothache
Who shall be buried with her face upwards? Beatrice
Who invites Leonato to walk aside with him? Benedick
Why does Don John include Claudio in his conversation? Because the matter he speaks of concerns home
What does Don John tell Don Pedro and Claudio? That Hero is disloyal
What invitation does Don John extend to Don Pedro and Claudio? To witness Heros disloyalty with their own eyes and ears
Who gives the charge to the watch? Dogberry
How does Dogberry instruct the watch to handle a thief? Let them go
What is the meaning of the phrase, “my elbow itched”? Comrade is an itch or annoying
In what manner does Borachio utter all to Conrade? In a whisper
What does Borachio call a thief? Deformed
From where did Don John, Don Pedro, and Claudio witness Borachio wooing Margaret in Hero’s name? The ground below Heroes bedroom window
Who believed the staged deceit? Don Pedro and Claudio
What did Claudio swear to do and why? He will publicly humiliate Hero during their wedding for being disloyal
Who charges Borachio and Conrade? The watchmen
How does the watch describe Borachio and Conrade? Deformed
Who does Hero send to wake up Beatrice? Ursula
What piece of clothing does Margaret try to talk Hero out of wearing? Rebate
Who does Hero call a fool? Beatrice
Who is not feeling well? Beatrice
Approximately what time is it? 5 o’clock
What are Beatrice’s symptoms? She’s stuffed she can’t smell
Who attempts to wordspar with Beatrice in this scene? Margaret
What remedy does Margaret suggest for Beatrice’s malady? Carduus Benedietus
What is another name for benedictus? Honey sufcle
What announcement does Ursula bring at the end of the scene? Seigniorage Benedick, Don Jon, and all the gentlemen of the town have come to bring you to the church
Where does this scene take place? Leonato house
Who visits Leonato in this scene? Dogberry and verges
Why doesn’t Leonato listen to them carefully? He is distracted with the wedding is in a hurry to get things done
When Dogberry describes Verges’ wits as not so blunt, what did he really mean? His wits aren’t so sharpe
What is Dogberry’s response when Leonato tells him he is tedious? He is tedious, and returns the compliment
What is Leonato’s response when he finally understands that they have apprehended two people? Tells them to take the examination and to bring it to him
What hospitality does Leonato offer Dogberry and Verges before he leaves? Wine
What message is brought to Leonato? The wedding party is wait form him to give his daughter away in marriage
What direction does Dogberry give to Verges? Go to Francis Seacole and bid him bring his pen and ink horn to the jail
Why does Dogberry want a learned writer? To set down their excommunication