Much Ado about Nothing

Why has the messenger come to Messina in the opening scene? to tell Leonato that Claudio and Benedick are coming
Who “hath borne himself beyond the promise of his age” in recent battle? Claudio
Which characters have “skirmish wit” whenever they meet? Beatrice and Benedick
After Claudio sees Hero, what are three words or phrases he uses to describe her? rare, precious, and beautiful
How does Benedick feel about Claudio’s declaration of love for Hero? doesn’t approve (of love)
How does Don Pedro offer to help Claudio win Hero’s hand? At the masquerade, he will pretend to be Claudio and woo her for him.
How does Leonato get the false impression that Don Pedro loves Hero? His brother, Antonio’s, servant overhears the conversation and misunderstands.
Why does Leonato plan to tell his daughter that Don Pedro loves her? To prepare her so she will have an answer
What does Conrade mean when he mentions to Don John that Don Pedro “hath ta’en you newly into grace”? He has forgiven you, so you shouldn’t challenge his trust.
How does Don John find out about Don Pedro’s plan to woo Hero for Claudio? Borachio overhears.
Why does Don John want to “cross” Claudio Claudio has taken Don John’s spot of authority for Don Pedro
What does Leonato want his daughter to do if Don Pedro proposes? say yes
According to Beatrice, what comes after wooing and wedding? you regret getting married in the first place
How does Beatrice upset the masked Benedick? She insults him
Why does Claudio begin to think that Don Pedro is wooing Hero for himself? Don John misinforms him on purpose.
Why does Benedick tell Claudio “the Prince hath got your Hero”? You have to deal with it, because Hero is Don Pedro’s
What does Beatrice say when Don Pedro asks if she will have him? No, I can only take you in small doses
What three people does Don Pedro ask to help him in match-making? Leonato, Claudio, and Hero
What is Borachio’s plan for slandering Hero? He will pretend Margaret is Hero and have “Hero” cheat on Claudio. Don John will make sure Don Pedro and Claudio see.
How will the plan make Don Pedro feel he “hath wronged his honor”? Don Pedro set up the relationship, so it is his fault Claudio got a dishonorable woman.
According to Benedick, how has Claudio changed? He has turned into a fool and is lovesick.
What is Balthasar’s song about? Men are dogs – don’t waste your energy on them
How do Claudio and the others trick Benedick? They pretend that they do not know he is eavesdropping and mention Beatrice’s love for Benedick.
According to Leonato, what does Beatrice do “twenty times a night”? sobs and cries about ho wmuch she loves Benedick
According to Claudio, why does Hero think Beatrice will die? She’ll die if he doesn’t love her back but also if he woos her.
What does Benedick mean, “If I do not love her, I am a Jew”? If I do not love her, I am a horrible person.
How do Hero and her two gentlewomen trick Beatrice? They arrange for Beatrice to be eavesdropping and then discuss Benedick’s love for Beatrice.
Why does Beatrice say, “and maiden pride, adieu!”? I’ll throw away my pride and get married.
What are some of the signs of love Benedick’s friends detect in him? Fixing his appearance
Why does Don John take Don Pedro and Claudio aside? To tell them Hero is cheating on Claudio
What does Claudio do at the altar? Expose Hero
What is Dogberry’s job? Night watchman
Why are Borachio and Conrade arrested? They overhear the plan to deceive Cladio; treachery
What does Margaret tease Beatrice about? Being in love with Benedick
Why does Dogberry go to see Leonato? Wants to show him Borachio and Conrade
How does Claudio shock the wedding assembly? He reveals that Hero cheated on him and is not a virgin.
What is the friar’s plan for seeing that the truth comes out? He says that she must fake her death so everyone will miss her and feel bad.
Where does the friar suggest Hero go, if she has been faithless? a nunnery
What is Hero’s response to Claudio’s accusation? she faints
What is Leonato’s reaction to the accusations against his daughter? He believes Claudio, he is angry with Hero, and he says that she is better off dead.
Who says, “Call me a fool… If this sweet lady lie not guiltless”? Friar Francis
What is Benedick agreeing to do when he says, “Enough, I am engaged”? Kill Claudio
What does Dogberry keep insisting be written down about him? that he is an ass
“He wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat”. Beatrice
“Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps.” Hero
“O, what authority and show of truth can cunning sin cover itself withal!” Claudio
“He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.” Beatrice
“She died, my lord, but whiles her slander lived.” Leonato
“Bring me a father that so loved his child, whose joy of her is overwhelmed like mine…” Leonato
“What, my dear Lady Disdain! Are you yet living?” Benedick
“Done to death by slanderous tongues….” Claudio
“When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live until I were married.” Benedick
“For it so falls out that what we have we prize not to the worth while we enjoy it, but being lack’d and lost, why, then we rack the value.” Friar
“Friendship is constant in all other things save in the office and affairs of love.” Claudio