Much Ado About Nothing 2

Who is the Prince of Aragon? Don Pedro
Who is the man that pretends to have an affair with Hero? Borachio
What is Benedick’s final advice to Don Pedro? get a wife
(??) Who is put in charge of the night watch? Seacoal
“The lady is disloyal. Even she Leonato’s Hero, your Hero, everyones Hero?” Don John
“Yet is sinned but not in mistaking” Claudio
“I’d rather be a canker in a hedge than a rose in his grace” Don John
T/F Don Pedro asks Beatrice to marry him True, but she declines
T/F Benedick wants a musician for a wife ??True??
T/F Leonato challenges Claudio to a duel True
T/F At the wedding Benedick says he thinks Don John is behind the plot against Hero. True
T/F Claudio plans to read an epitaph at hero’s tomb every year True
Ursula compares Hero’s wedding dress to Duchess of milan’s and says it looks like a ____. nightgown
Explain the pun “Caruus Benedictus” Beatrice loves Benedick so much that she is love sick, so they say that she needs to take some Caruus Benedictus. It is a medicine and also contains Benedick’s name.
Benedick of ______ Padua
Where does Claudio say he has spent time before coming to Messina? the war
who is Antonio? Leonato’s brother
What are Don John’s true feelings toward his brother, Don Pedro? he is jealous and doesn’t like him. says that Don Pedro uses him like a dog
who is Borachio? Don John’s friend/servant
what news does Borachio bring to Don John? news that Don Pedro plans to woo Hero for Claudio (correct info)
what does Don John plan to do regarding Claudio and Hero? Why? ruin their planned marriage, because he hates Claudio and is resentful
Who does Leonato notice is not at supper that evening? Don John
For what does Beatrice say she is thankful to God every night? that she doesn’t have a husband
where does Beatrice day that, as an unmarried woman, she shall go? heaven, but first to the gates of hell
How does Beatrice further insult Benedick at Leonato’s masquerade party? she says that he thinks he is funny/witty but nobody else does. He is the jester of the Prince
How does Don John feed false information to Claudio? He tells Claudio that Don Pedro is keeping Hero for himself
What plan does Don Pedro begin to concoct? he is going to get Benedick and Beatrice together
What plan does Borachio devise that pleases Don John? he will dress up Margaret (his lover) in Hero’s clothes and make love to her on the balcony of Hero’s room so Claudio and Pedro can see them
What information does Don John say he is going to obtain? the day of the wedding
Why does Benedick send a servant to retrieve a book from his room? being lazy, sulking in the garden about how he is losing all of his friends to love
What changes in Claudio’s behavior does Benedick notice? he has gone from plain and straightforward to a moony-eyed lover, cheerful, and talkative
What qualities must a woman possess before Benedick will even consider her for a wife? rich, wise, virtuous, pretty/fair, mild, noble, good musician, of good discourse, any hair color
What story do Don Pedro, Balthasar, and Claudio tell while Benedick is hiding in the arbor? that Beatrice is in love with Benedick (she isn’t really, but they are saying that so he will love her)
What do Beatrice/Benedick decide to do when he/she realizes that one is in love with the other? they decide to love the other back, out of pity
Why does Hero claim that she will never tell Beatrice of Benedick’s “affections”? Beatrice is too full of mockery and will make fun of him
Where is Don Pedro headed after Claudio and Hero’s wedding? home to Aragon
What excuse does Benedick give for his melancholy behavior? he has a toothache
What changes has Benedick made to his physical appearance? he shaved his beard and is wearing cologne
What false news does Don John bring to Don Pedro and Claudio? Hero is unfaithful
Who is Dogberry? Messina’s master constable
How does Dogberry instruct his watchmen to deal with any wrongdoers they may encounter? arrest them
Describe Beatrice’s mood during the scene with Hero and Margaret. To what does Hero contribute this mood? she’s “sick”, but actually heart sick. they say she is in love
Describe the verbal banter among the women as they prepare for the wedding. they are complimenting Hero, and Margaret is making fun of Beatrice
What does Claudio tell Hero? a loose woman
How does Hero react to Count Claudio’s claims? she faints
Describe Leonato’s reaction to the Count’s accusations he immediately believes them and is ashamed of his daughter
Who defends Hero by saying that her blushes were from embarrassment and not from shame? Friar
Of what crime does Dogberry accuse Borachio and Conrade? of being false naves
What does the Sexton suggest that Dogberry do with his prisoners? take them to Leonato, bounded. Dogberry should examine them
What advice does Antonio give his brother regarding his grief? you can’t go on like this or you’ll die
Why does Leonato challenge Claudio to a duel? (??) because he’s so upset
what does claudio claim is his only sin in the events surrounding Hero’s “death”? misunderstanding, mistaking
what is one big flaw of Claudio lack of trust, jumping to conclusions, gullible
Who sings a hymn at Hero’s tomb in her honor? Claudio
Besides Don John, who does Leonato blame for what happened to his daughter? Borachio
How does Leonatio instruct Hero, Marg, Ursula, and Beatrice to do when Claudio arrives for the wedding ceremony? mask themselves/ veil over faces
How does don pedro describe Benedick’s expression when he and Claudio enter? February face, downcast and sad