Mr. Haro English Merchant of Venice Act 2 Questions

Where is the scene set Portia’s house in Belmont
Why does the Prince of Morocco offer to show Portia his blood He is dark skinned and he wants her to know that his blood is red like all of the other suitors
What test did Portia’s late father devise for her suitors They have to choose the right chest, one is Gold, one is Silver, one is lead. The chest with her face in it is the winning chest.
What dilemma does Launcelot face Should he run away from his master or stay with him
What does Launcelot’s conscience tell him to do Tells him to stay
Why doesn’t Launcelot’s father recognize him He is almost totally blind
What lie does Launcelot tell his father, at first He tells him that he had died.
What reason does Lancelot give for deciding to leave Shylock He’s a Jew who’s starving him to death
What present has Gobbo brought for Shylock He brought a dish of doves for their feast.
Why does Gratiano want to accompany Bassanio to Belmont He wants to go with him to party and to find love.
How does Jessica react to Launcelot’s news that he is leaving She is sad because the house is like hell but he was a merry devil
What does Jessica give to Launcelot A letter
What does Jessica plan to do after she leaves her father She will become a Christian and marry Lorenzo
What does Jessica mean when she says, …”though I am a daughter to his blood,/I am not to his manners She is Shylock’s daughter by blood but she is not like him in terms of personality
What invitation is Launcelot delivering to Shylock For dinner
Why does Lorenzo give Launcelot some money So he will tell Jessica a message
Whom does Lorenzo arrange to meet at Gratiano’s lodging Salarino and Solanio
What does Lorenzo reveal about the contents of Jessica’s letter The letter tells how he can get her from her father’s house and she will bring the gold and jewels, and she will dress up as a paige.
Where is Shylock going To dinner at Launcelot’s new master’s house
According to Shylock, why has he accepted the invitation So he can eat a Christian’s food
What does Shylock say to Launcelot about his new employer He tells him he will not eat, sleep, snore, and wear his clothes out with his new boss like he did with him
Why does Lancelot say, “Your worship was want to tell me I could do nothing without bidding He’s saying he can do something without being told
What instructions does Shylock give to Jessica To close the windows
What is Jessica planning to do To leave, marry Lorenzo and become a Christian
Who are Gratiano and Salerio waiting for Lorenzo
How is Jessica disguised and why She is dressed as a boy so she can run away with Lorenzo
What do Gratiano and Antonio talk about Sailing out that night with Bassanio
Why does Portia show the Prince of Morocco the 3 caskets So he will pick one
What is the inscription on the gold casket “Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire.”
What is the inscription on the silver casket “Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves,”
What is the inscription on the lead casket “Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath.”
Why does the Prince of Morocco choose the gold casket The whole world wants Portia.
What does Morocco find in the gold casket A skull with a scroll in
Why did Shylock have Bassanio’s ship searched To look for Lorenzo and Jessica
Why has Bassanio gone away on the ship To go to Portia
Why are Solanio and Salerio planning to visit Antonio To Ask him about his ships
What do the suitors have to promise before they take the “test ” They will not marry if they choose the wrong casket, they will not tell anyone about the right one, and they will leave as soon as they choose the wrong one.
Which casket does the Prince of Arragon choose and why Silver because he deserves the very best so he picks this one because it says he who chooses me gets what he deserves
What news does the messenger bring A young Venetian servant has come to tell them his master is arriving and bringing presents