Midsummer night’s Dream Synonym & antonym

Extenuate excusing, justifying. aggravating
Revenue earning, takingspayment, loss
Surfeit excess, overdoselack
Confounding amaze, astonish
Enamored in love with, love-struck byindifferent to
Officious self-important, domineering self-effacing
Coy arch, flirtatiousbrazen
Loath disciplined, not in the moodwilling, eager
Vexation irritation, anger, rage, bad temper
Audacious bold, brave, forward, disrespectful
Beguile tempt, absorb, hypnotize, delight.
Discretion caution, desire.
Eloquence oratory, rhetoric inarticulary
Partition division, split
Tedious boring, slowinteresting