Midsummer Nights Dream Scene 2 Act 1

What is Puck? Puck is a wood sprite.
What is Puck like (characteristics)? Mischievous
What is the usual business for fairies? Wandering through the natural world to serve the fairy queen, Titania.
What must be collected in preparation for the coming of the Queen and her elves? Dewdrops
Puck is all what? Business
Puck tries hard never to reveal what about him? His identity
What does Puck explain to the fairy? That Oberon is also having some fairy revels (celebrations) in the same place that night, and thinks it would be best if they stayed out of the way.
Who is Pucks master? Oberon
Who does Titania have with her? An Indian boy
What does Oberon want, and for what? The Indian boy, as his attendant
Who is Oberon? The Fairy King
How does Titania feel about giving the child to Oberon? She does not want to, and keeps him crowned with flowers and dotes on him for 10 to 12 hours a day.
What is Oberon and Titania’s relationship? They are king and queen of the fairy realm, but currently do ont even spend time together because Oberon is furious and Titania is unyielding.
What mischief is Puck known for? Leading people who are lost in the middle of night to harm, frightening village girls, turning into a crabapple and being in someone’s drink, turning into a chair and making old ladies fall.
What is Puck also known as? Robin Goodfellow, Hobgoblin, and Puck
What does Puck refer to himself as to the fairy? The self same merry wanderer of the night
What does Titania announce to her fairies? That they should run away, and that she has sworn off keeping company with Oberon, even though she is his lady and he her lord
What is the only reason that Titania is in the forest? To bless Theseus at his wedding to the Amazon Hippolyta
What does Oberon claim about Titania? That she loves Theseus as much as he himself loves Hippolyta
How is the natural world all out of order? The seasons and moon are all out of order.
How could Titania fix everything according to Oberon? By giving him the Indian boy
How did Titania come by the Indian boy? His mother was devoted to the order of Titania, and was a goof friend and companion of hers in India. The woman died in childbirth, and Titania is raising the boy in honor of her friend.
How long does Titania plan to stay in the woods? Until Theses is married
What does Titania ask Oberon is he wants to join in? Her fairies dancing and moonlight revels, but he declines unless he can have the boy
What does Oberon vow? That Titania will not leave the forest until he has revenge for not giving him the Indian boy.
What is the story behind the flower “love of idleness” Oberon was watching a mermaid ride a dolphin when he saw Cupid try to hit someone with one of his arrows. The love god missed, and instead hit a little white flower, which then turned purple.
What is the flower called, and what are its abilities? When the juice of this flower touches a sleeping persons eyelids, the will enchant the sleeper to fall madly in love with the first thing it sees.
Why do they want to get the flower? To get revenge on Titania for not giving him the boy. When she is in her daze he will ask her for the boy, and after will take the curse off
Why can Oberon listen to peoples conversations? Because he is invisible?
Who comes into that forest, and how? Demetrius and Helena enter the forest, and Demetrius is trying to get rid of Helena, even though she told him of their plans.
Who does Helena insist that it is their fault that she can’t stay away form Demetrius? Demetrius
What does Helena wish she could be of Demetrius? His dog
What does Demetrius ask Helena if she is worried about? Her being embarrassed about being alone in the woods with a guy that doesn’t like her.
What is her response? She trusts him, and doesn’t care because it is not night, and he’s her whole world
How does he respond to that? By running away into the bushes hoping she will be eaten by a wild beast.
What has been reversed in their roles? The traditional roles of love
After that scene, what does Oberon promise? That before Demetrius and Helena leave the woods, Demetrius will dote on her and she will be the one spurning him
Does Puck find the flower? Yes
Where does Titania sleep? A bank surrounded by flowers and scents and enameled shed skin of snakes
Who will take the love potion and put it on Titania? Oberon
After this, what does he ask Puck to do? To put it on the boy in the Athenian clothes
What is Oberon sure of? That after the spell Helena will find him infatuated