MidSummer Night’s Dream Questions act III-V

Why is Bottom worried about the ladies in the audience? What solution does he offer? He is worried because he thinks his acting is too good. That it would scare the ladies thinking he actually die. He offer a prologue to make asure the audience the actors are real.
What problem worries Snout? What solution does Bottom come up with? Snout is worried that the ladies will be scared by the lions. Bottom comes up with making Snout is roar quietly.
Why does Bottom propose looking in an almanac? Bottom is looking in an almanac to see when the moon will shine.
Why does Quince decide to have Starveling carry a thornbush? Quince decided to have him carry a thornbush so it can represent the moonshine.
How does Bottom propose that Snout make the part of the wall more realistic? Bottom propose to Bottom to make his fingers in a “v” shape, and to put some plaster on him.
How does Puck play tricks on the actors in the wood? Puck turns bottom’s head into a donkey’s.
How does Bottom react when he realizes that he has the head of a donkey? Bottom didn’t know he was wearing a donkey’s head ,and was curious why everyone was running away from him. Plus he thinks everyone is making fun of him.
How does Titania react when she sees Bottom? What orders does she give her four fairies? Titania reacts by falling in love with bottom because she was under a spell. She told the fairies to provide the needs of bottom.
How does Oberon learn that Titania is in love with Bottom? How does he feel about that? Puck told oberon that the she is in love with Bottom. Oberon is happy that everything is working out, and will now get the boy.
How does Oberon realize that Puck has made a mistake and bewitched the wrong Athenian youth? Hermia and Demetrius runs by togther, but Puck doesn’t recognize Demetrius.
What does Hermia think has happened to Lysander? Why does she think so? Hermia thinks that Demetrius killed Lysander. So Demetrius can marry her.
On whom does Oberon press the magical nectar now? Why? He puts it on Demetrius so he can fall in love with helena. To fix the problem.
How is Titania showing her affection for Bottom at the beginning of this scene? Who else is present – unnoticed by her? Titania is showing her affection for Bottom by caressing him. Oberon is there that she doesn’t know.
What sort of music and food does Bottom request? For food he requested for a honeycomb and for music triangles and spoons.
How does Oberon get the little boy? He asked Titania for the boy. Who was distracted by bottom.
Why does Oberon return Titania to normal? He got the boy now and felt jealous. Though he feels bad for her and want her to love him again, and so they can stop fighting.
How do Theseus, Egeus, and the others happen to find the four lovers? Why is Theseus surprised by their appearance? They are hunting on their horses in the woods. When they found the 4 lovers sleeping on the ground. Theseus is surprised because it’s the day hermia should announce her intentions.
What would Egeus like Theseus to do? What does Theseus do instead? Egues wants to punish Lysander. Thesues tell the lovers they can all get married.
When they all awaken, how much do the lovers and Bottom remember about the previous night? They remember everything, but it was hazy.
What does Bottom plan to have Peter Quince write? Why? How do you feel toward Bottom, now that he is back to “normal”? Do you pity him? Bottom plans to have him an epilogue. To explain his experience in the dream. I feel he is now back to selfish. I do not pity him because got everything from the fairy queen.
Why are the tradesmen upset? Why don’t they just assign someone else the role of Pyramus? They can’t find bottom, and since there is too many lines they need Bottom because he can do it better than anyone else.
What news does Snug bring? How does this make the tradesmen feel? Snug says their are two more couples getting married that day. The tradesmen were angry because if a wedding is going on. Then that means no one would come to the play. Which means no money.
Why does Flute say that Bottom “hath…lost six-pence a day during his life”? Bottom is losing a lot of money by not showing up.
How do the tradesmen find out that their play has been put on the “preferred list”? Bottom shows up and tell them.
What does Bottom tell the others to do in preparation for the play? To get prepared and to practice their parts.
Who is married in this scene? Theseus and Hippolyta, Lysander and Hermia, Demetrius and Helena.
Why does Theseus choose Pyramus and Thisbe over the other shows he might watch? He was told that the actors are serious in the play. He picked this play because he didn’t like the other plays.
How does Quince manage to make the Prologue to the play unintentionally funny? He makes the prologue unintentionally funny because his punctuation are at wrong spots.
How is Hippolyta’s reaction to the players different from Theseus’s, at first? At first she was embarrassed, but than joined in later.
Why does Pyramus (Bottom) curse the wall? Pyramus curse the wall because it stands between seeing thisbe.
Why does Moonshine speak in prose instead of verse? What does he say? He is unraveled because he is just a moonshine.
How does the audience react as the suicides of Pyramus and Thisbe are being enacted? They laugh when Pyramus dies, but doesn’t laugh when Thisbe died.
What choices does Bottom give Theseus at the end of the play? What does Theseus choose? He asks if Theseus would like see the epilogue of see a rustic dance or singing. He picks the dance because everyone is dead.
Who enters as the newly-married couples go off to bed? What does Oberon give to each fairy? Why? oberon and titania are going to bed. Oberon gives to each fairies magic dew to bless marriages and their future kids.
What is Puck doing at the end as he describes the night? For what does he apologize? He is sweeping which represent him going to fix everything ,and apologizes for to anyone who got offended.