Midsummer Night’s Dream questions

Who does Theseus love? Hippolyta
Who does Hermia love? Lysander
Who does Lysander love? Hermia
Who does Helena love? Demetrius
Who does Demetrius “love”? Hermia
Who does Egeus want Hermia to marry? Demetrius
Who is Egeus? Hermia’s father
What are Hermia’s three choices? Marry Demetrius, become a nun, or die
Who is the King of the fairies? Oberon
What does Oberon want? Changeling boy
Who is the Queen of the fairies? Titania
What does Titania have that Oberon wants? Changeling boy
Who is Oberon’s assistant? Puck
Who does Lysander and Demetrius love when the love juice is put on their eyes? Helena
Who does Titania love when the love juice is put on her eyes? Bottom
What does Puck do to Bottom? Gives him a donkey’s head
Who does Demetrius end up loving? Helena
Who are the three couple that get married at the end? Helena and Demetrius, Hermia and Lysander, Hippolyta and Theseus
Where is the setting? Athens
Where does most of the story take place? In the woods
What is the play called? The Most Lamentable Comedy and Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisbe.
Why does Oberon want the Changeling boy? He wants him to be his messenger.