Midsummer Night’s Dream – Plot and Characters

1.1 Theseus prepares his wedding to Hippolyta.Egeus comes to Theseus complaining that his daughter doesn’t want to marry Demetrius.Hermia and her lover plan escape to the woods and theytell Helena.
1.2 Workmen meet to discuss their play, Pyramus and Thisbe. They plan to meet in woods
2.1 Titania and Oberon argue about a baby boy. Oberon tells Puck to get a magic flower. He sees Helena and tells Puck to put the flower on Demetrius’s eyes.
2.2 Puck puts the flower on Lysander by mistake. Lysander now loves Helena. Meanwhile, Oberon has put Titania under the flower’s spell.
3.1 Workmen meet in woods. They practice. When Bottom goes into a bush, Puck turns his head into a donkey’s head. Titania wakes up and sees Bottom. She falls in love.
3.2 Oberon finds Puck and tells him to put the flower on Demetrius’ eyes. Both men now love Helena, who thinks they are mocking her. They fight and Oberon puts them to sleep. When they wake up, the marriages will be ‘correct’.
4.1 Bottom and Titania go to sleep. Oberon lifts the spell from Titania and puts the lovers to sleep. Theseus and Hippolyta wake the lovers who think it was all a dream. Theseus tells Egeus that the lovers will marry who they love
4.2 Workmen can’t find Bottom who then appears and tells the men to get ready for a performance at the weddings.
5 Everyone is married at the same time. The play was so bad it was funny. Afterwards, Puck comes to bless the marriages and asks audience to forgive the workers.
The play takes place in this city. Athens
Name the flower Puck uses. Love in idleness
What color is the flower Puck uses? purple
Name the play the actors perform. Pyramus and Thisbe
At what event is the play by the mechanicals performed? The Duke’s wedding
If Hermia disobeys her father, she must join a nunnery or … be put to death
Who is excited about the wedding when the play begins? Theseus
Who is not excited about the wedding when the play begins? Hippolyta
We know Lysander and Demetrius are both in the woods. Puck doesn’t know this. What is this an example of? dramatic irony
Lysander suggests Demetrius marry Egeus. What is this an example of? verbal irony
What is the first living thing Titania sees when waking up after having the potion? Nick Bottom
What does Oberon want from Titania? An Indian boy
Where does Lysander suggest he and Hermia go? His aunt’s house
How far from Athens does Lysander’s aunt live? Seven leagues
Whom do Hermia and Lysander confide in? Helena
How does Helena betray the trust of Hermia and Lysander? She tells Demetrius of their plan.
Where does disorder take place in the play? The woods
Compare Oberon to Theseus. Neither has a good relationship with his lady at the beginning of the play.
Puck Also known as Robin GoodfellowOberon’s JesterA fairy who likes playing tricks on the humans
Hermia Loves Lysander, but forced by her Father to marry Demetrius. If she doesn’t, she will be put to death
Helena Cruelly abused lover of Demetrius, Was abandoned for HermiaHermia’s best friend
Lysander Hermia’s belovedEgeus doesn’t approve of him, although we don’t know why
Demetrius In Love with Hermia Fickle about who he loves
Oberon The king of the fairiesIs initially at odds with his wife, Titania, because she has a young Indian prince who he wants to make a knight, but she doesn’t want.
Titania Queen of the FairiesResists her husband’s attempts to make a knight of her young Indian prince.
Theseus The heroic Duke of Athens, engaged to Hippolyta.Represents power and order throughout the play
Hippolyta Legendary queen of the Amazons, engaged to Theseus.Symbolizes order
Egeus Hermia’s FatherWants Hermia to marry DemetriusTakes complaint to Theseus
Peter Quince CarpenterLeader of the craftsmen’s attempt to put on a play for Theseus’ Marriage. Often shoved aside by the confident Bottom
Nick Bottom Overconfident WeaverChosen to play Pyramus in the playFull of advice and self-confidence but makes mistakes and misuses language
Francis Flute The bellows-menderChosen to play Thisbe in the play
Tom Snout TinkerChosen to play Pyramus’s father in the playEnds up playing the part of the wall, dividing the 2 lovers
Snug Plays the part of the lion.Worries that if he roars, he will frighten the ladies.
Robin Starveling TailorChosen to play Thisbe’s motherEnds up playing the part of Moonshine
Philostrate Theseus’s master of the Revels.Responsible for organizing the entertainment for the duke
Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed The fairies ordered by Titania to attend to bottom after she falls in love with him