Midsummer Night’s Dream {Part 1 Test}

Who are thesius and hippolyta and what are they discussing as the play opens Thesus captured and won Hippolyta from the amazons and is taking her as his wife; discussing their engagement
Why is Egeus upset? Why has he come to Theseus? His daughter doesn’t want to marry Demetrius, he has come to thesis to discuss the issue
What is the “privilege of Athens” to which Egeus refers He’s allowed to kill his daughter if she disobeys
Hernia says, “I would my father looked but with my eyes” for what does she wish? Why? Which of the plays themes does her statement introduce? She wishes that her father could understand her and stand in her shoes; because she wants to marry Lysander; ???
How do Lysander and hernia plan to overcome her father’s objections to their marriage They plan to run Away
Who is Helena and why is she upset? What does she decide to do? Hermia’s friend; she loves Demetrius but Demetrius doesn’t love her; betray hernia
What is your impression of love as it is presented in the opening scene? What does Shakespeare indicate through the characters about the nature of love? ????
What themes are established in the opening scene ????
Who were the characters in scene 2 and what were they trying to accomplish? Craftsmen; Pyramus and Thisbe
What impression of the craftsmen and their projectors conveyed? Give at least two examples to support your answer ???
What is bottom’s character like? Is bottom like able Annoying, outgoing, loud; it depends on who
Who is puck? What is he like? Robin Goodfellow, he’s sneaky, a fairy, servant to Oberon
Who are Oberon and Titania? What is the trouble between them? King and queen fairies; Oberon wants the Indian boy from Titania
Titania is upset with Oberon for several reasons. What are they? What effect do their arguments have on the world around them? Oberon is cheating on her; snows in the summer warm in winter confused world
Why does Titania refuse to give Oberon the boy? She claims that she needs to take good care of him because she knew his mother
What does Oberon plan to do to impose his will on Titania? To have her fall in love with something horrible
What is the significance of the way the potion works and how does it relate to one of the play’s central themes? What statement does the potion make about the nature of love Love is blind, you can’t force love, love is fickle (it is always moving or changing)
How does Demetrius great Helena? How does she respond? Badly, he threatens her and is rude to her; she keeps following him because she loves him and any attention that he gives her
How does Helena describe the women’s role in a romantic relationship A guy should be chasing after her instead of her chasing after a guy
What does Oberon instruct puck to do when he returns with the love potion? Why? He is told to put it on Demetrius’s eyes and titanias eyes ????
What does Lysander try to persuade hernia to do? What is her response and why? Sleep with her; she wants to remain pure
What does puck do when he sees Lysander? Why is this a problem? He thought Lysander was Demetrius
How does Lysander react to Helena when he sees her? How does she react? He declares his love for her; Helena thinks she is being made fun of
What statement is Shakespeare making about the nature of young love It doesn’t work; YOUNG LOVE IS FICKLE AND COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL
What do the craftsmens concerns about the play suggest their outlook on life They think girls are emotional
There are many examples of the craftsmen wanting to warn the audience in some way that the characters in the play are not real. To what theme does this relate Acting in general, what is real and what isn’t; craftsmen are real, fairies are not
What does puck do to bottom? What does this suggest about puck’s personality and attitude toward the mortals? Turns his head into a donkey
What happens between Titania and bottom? What meaning could possibly be found in this? Is their love real or not