Midsummer Night’s Dream (Everything)

when was Shakespeare born? 1564 April 23
how many younger siblings did Shakespeare have? 5
what 2 things did his father do? his father was a leather maker, then a baliff
how old was Shakespeare when he stopped going to school? 15
who did he marry and when? Anne Hathaway, 1582
how many children did Shakespeare have? 3
where did Shakespeare work/where did Anne live? London/Stratford
when did Shakespeare die? 1616, april 23
When did the globe theater open? 1599
when did the Globe burn down? 1613
what were popular attractions in London? Bear baiting, cockfighting, theater outings
who is Helena? Helena is Hermia’s friend, and in love with Demetrius
who is Hermia Egeus’s daughter, in love with Lysander
Who is Demetrius? the man Hermia’s father wants her to marry. loves hermia at the beginning, but loves Helena by the end
Who is Lysander? the man Hermia is in love with
what did Theseus do? he defeated the Minotaur
who is Theseus? Duke of athens, engaged to hippolyta
who is Philostrate? one of Theseus’ servants
who is Oberon? the king of the fairies
Who is Titania? the queen of the faries
who is puck? Oberon’s servant
who is Bottom? an Athenian worker who enjoys acting and gets a donkey head
who is quince? one of the mechanicals, the smartest/leader
What creature is Theseus famous for killing? the minotaur
Phoebe is also known as … diana
Phoebe is the goddess of the … moon
How many fates are there? 3
What is the role of the Fates? cut the thread, spin the thread, and measure the thread
What group of people did Theseus defeat? the amazons
Identify the illusion: hippolyta, I woo’d thee with my sword, And won thy love doing thee inguries
Identify the illusion: I swear to thee by Cupid’s strongest bow, by his best arrow with the golden head, by the simplicity of venus’s doves, by which knitteth souls and prospers loves, and by that fire which burn’d the carthage queen when the false trojan under sail was seen. eros: god of loveaphrodite: god of love and beauty
Identify the illusion: helen, to you our mind will unfold: tomorrow night, when phoebe doth behold her silver visage in the watery glass, … diana: goddess of the moon
What did the mechanicals decide to do about the lion? show part of the mans face through the costume
What to the mechanicals do about Pyramus killing himself? tell the ladies that it wasnt real
What do the mechanicals do about not having moonlight? The mechanicals make someone hold a latern and pretend to be the man in the moon.
What does Puck do to Bottom in act 3 scene 1? turns his head into an ass head
What does Bottom think the other mechanicals are doing? trying to scare him
What does Bottom do to show he’s not scared? sing
Who falls in love with Bottom? Titania
Who are bottoms servants? Peaseblossom CobwebMothMustardseed
Who thinks that Demetrius killed Lysander? hermia
Why is Oberon mad about what Puck did to the lovers? because he messed up true love
What does Helena think about Demetrius and Lysander both loving her? She thinks they are making fun of her because she can’t find love.
What does Demetrius and Lysander plan to do to find out who loves Helena more? fight
What are the four insults that Hermia gave to Helena? 1.) juggler2.) canker-blossom3.) thief of love 4.) painted maypole
What two insults does Helena give Hermia? 1.) counterfeit2.) puppet
What metaphor does Helena use to describe Hermia? “And though she be but little, she is fierce” (3.2.325).
What “things” does Lysander reference when talking about Hermia? “bead” and “acorn” (keep in mind these are small things)
What does Helena do with her “longer legs”? run away from Hermia
What four steps does Oberon give Puck to correct his mistakes? 1.) put fog around them 2.) make his voice sound like the apponints voice3.) make them so tired that they will fall asleep4.) put the “flower-of-idleness” on the corresponding eyes
What is ironic when Bottom says “And I am such a tender ass…” (4.1.25)? ass has two meanings 1. donkey 2. fool so he could be calling himself a donkey OR a fool
What does it mean when Oberon and Titania dance when she wakes up? dancing=they love each other again and all of the seasons and etc. will go back to normal.
What does Theseus assume about the lover’s whereabouts so early in the morning? He thinks they were in the woods to join the hunt but fell asleep because they were tired.
what does it mean when Theseus says “These couples shall eternally be knit” (4.1.180)? The lover can marry who they want to. ( Demetrius and Helena) (Lysander and Hermia)
What is ironic about Bottom’s soliloquy in the end of act 4 scene 1? at the beginning he says how stupid a man must be to try to explain his dream, but at the bottom, he tries to explain his own dream and turn it into a play.
What will happen if Bottom does not return from the woods? The mechanicals will loose a lot of money and will not be able to perform.
Hermes – son of Zeus and Maia-messenger of the Olympic gods- symbol is a tortoise, rooster, flying shoes, and lyre- god of literature, land, travel, and shepherds- killed Medusa- he had 5 children- roman name is mercury
Aphrodite – goddess of love and beauty- daughter of Zeus and Diane- sister was Persephone- queen of the underworld- her symbol were a dove, seashells, mirrors, golden apples, sparrows, and the swan- she would give people a “magic” love belt- her children are cupid and Aeneas- her roman name was Venus- roman name is venus – goddess of love and beauty- married to Hephaestus
Zeus – ruler of the heaven and the earth- married to Hera- they lived in a castle in mount Olympus- his symbol is the lightning bolt- his roman name is jupiter- king of the gods
Hera – queen of heaven- goddess of women and marriage- wife of Zeus- her symbol is a peacock- she gets jealous really quickly- she lives on mount Olympus- roman name is juno- queen of the gods
Hades – god of the underworld- brother to Poseidon and Zeus- married to Persephone- used to live on mount olympus- roman name is pluto- he had a 3 headed dog that guard the gates of the underworld- his symbols are a crown and keys- he wears a crown of invisibility
Eros – another name for eros is cupid- cupid is venus’s son- eros loved a lot of women- his symbol is the bow and arrow- portrayed as a baby with wings in pictures- child of the god of love- god of love
Ares -roman name is mars-god of war
Poseidon -roman name is neptune- god of the sea
Theseus and the Minotaur – a minotaur is half man and half bull- theseus was set up to be the next king of Athens- ariadne supplied the thread for the war
Aeneas – son of venus- survived the battle of troy- descendants built the city of rome- cupid hit dido with an arrow which made him fall in love with Aeneas
Pheobe – titan goddess of the moon- has blue hair- she is always kind and inclusive
The Fates – also called Moirai- goddess of destiny- clotho: spun the thread of life- Lachesis: measured the thread of life- Atropos: cut the thread of life
Why is Hippolyta sad or happy? (7-10) because she has to marry Theseus
What does this quote mean? ” Hippolyta, I woo’d thee with my sword, and won thy love doing thee injuries;” (Theseus 1. 1. 16-17) Theseus impressed her by defeating and killing the Minotaur and the amazonian women, and now gets to marry the amazonian queen, (Hippolyta)
Who has Egeus’s consent to marry Hermia? Demetrius
what does “For ever the society of men” mean? (1.1 66) to become a nun
what is Hermia’s deadline for her decision? she has to make her decisions by the time of the new moon, when Theseus and Hippolyta get married.
What are Hermia’s three options? ~ die~marry Demetrius ~become a nun
who does Helena love? Demetrius
Who does Hermia love? Lysander
Who does Demetrius love? Hermia
Who does Lysander love? Hermia
What is Hermia and Lysander’s plan? to run away to Lysander’s aunt’s house, which is outside of the Athenian city limits; therefore they cannot be reached by Athenian law.
Why do they tell Helena this plan? Because Hermia and Helena have been friends since childhood, and Hermia didn’t want to hurt Helena’s feelings.
Who is Helena trying to outsmart? cupid, because she said that cupid shot an arrow blindly
why is Helena so upset that Demetrius doesn’t love her anymore? Because he used to love Helena/ her
Name all of the Mechanicals. Peter Quince, Nick Bottom, Francis Flute, Robin Starveling, andTom Snout
what was all of there jobs? Peter: carpenterNick: weaverFrancis: bellows menderRobin: tailorTom: tinker
what play are they planning on doing? Pyramus and Thisbe
what is the play that the mechanicals are performing better known as? Romeo and Juliet
Name all the roles of the Mechanicals in the play that they are going to perform for the Duke. quince: thisbe’s motherbottom: Pyramusflute: ThisbeStarvling: Thisbe’s Mothersnout: Pyramus’s mother
Why does the lion have to be not frighting? if the ladies get scared, the actors will get hung
who is the most difficult out of the Mechanicals? Bottom
Why are Titania and Oberon in a fight? They are fighting over an Indian boy
who is Oberon? fairy king
Who is Titania? fairy queen
what is pucks other name? Robin good fellow
Hobgoblin Mischievous spirit
What is wrong with the world now that Titania and Oberon are in a fight? 1.) the crops are not growing 2.) all of the seasons are mixing up3.) colds are going around
Why does Titania have the Indian boy? Because the boy’s mom and Titania were good friends, and the mom died
why does Oberon want the Indian boy? to have him in his army
what is the “love-in-idleness” flower? the flowers juice will cause whoever to fall in love with the first living thing seem
how was this specail flower formed? cupids arrow hit a flower and turned it from white to purple
who says ” i am your spaniel;” helena
what does demetrius say he will do if Helena follows him? leave her and hide in a bush.
what does Oberon want to do about Helena and Demetrius? wants puck to put the ‘love-in-idleness’ flower on Demetrius’s eyes
What were Oberon’s instructions to Puck? put the love-in-idleness flower on a mans eyes (Demetrius) who wears Athenian garments
When was Shakespeare born? April 23 1564
Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-upon-Avon
How many younger siblings did Shakespeare have? 6
What was his father? he was a leather-maker and eventually became a politician
When did William most likely attended school only until the age of what? 15
Who did William marry? Anne Hathaway
When did he marry her? 1582
How many children did he have? 3 children
Where did William work while Anne lived where? London; Stratford
When did William die? April 23, 1616
What was London’s population? 8.674 million people
What are popular attractions in London? 1. Bear Baiting2. Cock Fighting3. Theater Outings
When did they start working in theater? 1576
When did they move to the curtain theater? 1597
When was the cannon shot that caused the globe theater to burn down? 1613
Flag changes colors based on what type of play it was-black was tragedies-white was comedy-red for history
Heavens be on the top and bottom and celestial objects painted on it
Tiring House a place for actors to change clothes and swap props
Upper Stage used for bedroom and balcony scences
Main Stage where most of the action took place and the audience sits on 3 sides of it
Audience sit in the gallery on benches and wrapped all around the theater
Open Yard where the groundings stood and payed a penny to get in
Trap Door a place where people would come from the underground
Side where you would walk up the stairs to enter the galleries
Globe built next to the river and they built it on a brick foundation
Iamb: foot made up of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable
Pentameter: five mesure there are 5 feet per line and a line with iambic pentameter would read da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM
Who did Hermia want to marry in the beginning? Lysander
Who did Hermia dad want her to marry? Demetrius
What did Hermia do with Lysander? they ran away and got married
Who did Demetrius want to marry in the beginning? Hermia
What was going on between Demetrius and Helena? Hermia likes Lysander and hates Demetrius
What do Demetrius and Lysander do because of this? Lysander and Demetrius have a fight over her
Who does Helena want to marry in the beginning? Demetrius
Who does Lysander want to marry in the beginning? Hermia
Who does Hermia’s dad want her to marry? her dad wants her to marry Demetrius