midsummer nights dream characters

hippolyta marrying theseus to bring peace to the amazons; once witnesses Hercules hunting hounds in action
theseus marrying Hippolyta; ruler of Athens. finds the 4 lovers in the woods and invites them to their wedding so they may also get married.
Edgeus father of Hermia(views her as property); wants her to marry demetrius but she is in love with lysander so he seeks help from the king using an old rule
hermia loves lysander and hates demetrius and rather would die/ become a nun before marring him. she is short with darker hair
helena (ex) best friends of hermia and is madly in love with demetrius who does not love her back. tells demetrius of Hermias plans to run away with Lysander into the woods. She is tall with blonde hair
Lysander madly in love with Hermia and takes her to run away from athens. affected by the love flower and falls in love with helena at the end of act 2. ends up falling back in love with hermia and marries her
Demetrius “the dog”; was in love with helena, then falls in love with hernia until he is affected by the love flower and falls in love with Helena again. he ends up marrying helena
robin goodfellow also known as puck for his mischief. assists oberon in retrieving the boy from titania. he also put the love flower in lysander eyes thinking it was demetrius, then also puts it in demetrius so they are both in love with helena. He fixes it by leading them through the woods until they both fall asleep and he undos lysander and makes them this this was all a dream.
Oberon king of the fairies who wants the boy given to titania. use the love flower to have her fall in love with an ass so that he may get what he wants.
Titania queen of the fairies who, under the love flower, falls in love with and ass (bottom who’s has been transformed to look like a donkey). she punishes the earth when she is unhappy.
Bottom a weaver by day and an actor by night. He is the hot headed actor in the group who wants to take every role in the play of a love tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe. that is to be preformed for the Hippolyta and Theseus’ wedding. Is turned into a donkey (or ass like his personality) and is loved by titania.
Quince the director and narrator of the play(see bottom) knows he needs bottom for the play so he has to be nice to him.
snout plays the role of Pyramus’ father
snug plays the role of the lion
starveling plays the role of Thisbe’s mother
flute plays the role of Thisbe mother, but does not want to because he always is the female role and says he is beginning to grow a beard.
Philostrate urges Theseus to choose a different act the Pyramus and Thisbe