Midsummer Night’s Dream – Character Analysis

Puck servant to Oberon
Puck Accidentally creates havoc but enjoys watching it play out (ex. mix up between Lysander and Demetrius)
Puck obedient & loyal (ex. listens to Oberons commands)
Puck mischievous & a trickster (ex. changing Bottom’s head)
Oberon fights with Titania over a changeling child
Oberon king of the fairies & has magical powers
Oberon Titania’s husband
Oberon compassionate (ex. feels bad for Helena & tries to make Demetrius fall in love with her)(ex.blesses all three couples at the end of the play so that their children will have good luck and all three couples will always love and be faithful to each other)
Oberon cruel (ex. making Titania fall in love with some vile thing after she refuses to hand over the child)
Oberon jealous (ex. jealous that Titania gives all her attention to the child)
Titania queen of the fairies
Titania falls in love with Bottom while under the spell
Titania Oberons wife
Titania compassionate & generous (ex. adopted her friends child when she died)
Titania strong & confident ( ex. stands up to Oberon and doesn’t give up the child)
Hermia daughter of Egeus
Hermia childhood friends with Helena
Hermia in love with Lysander and runs away with him to the woods
Hermia arranged to marry Demetrius even though she doesn’t want to
Hermia Bold and brave (ex. stands up to her dad and tells him at the beginning that she doesn’t want to marry demetrius)(ex. brave enough to run away from Athens even though she doesn’t know what will happen)
Hermia the only one who loves the same person throughout the whole play
Hermia loyal (ex. Lysander left her for Helena, but she still prays for his safety)
Hermia trustful (ex. she trusts Helena & tells her about her plans to run away)
Helena childhood friend of Hermias
Helena the ugly duckling
Helena sensitive (ex. was easily mad and thought everyone was mocking her when they said they loved her )
Helena loves Demetrius and then later marries him
Helena faithful & loyal (ex. keeps loving Demetrius even though he is mean to her and tells her to go away )
Helena Insecure (ex. wants to be like Hermia, and thinks shes ugly)
Helena inconsiderate (ex. not thinking of her best friend when she tells Demetrius their plan to run away)
Helena persistant (ex. keeps trying to convince Demetrius that she loves him and follows him everywhere)
Helena untrustworthy (ex. tells Demetrius Hermias secret to run away)
Lysander marries Helena and planned to run away with her to the forest
Lysander Egeus does not approve of him
Lysander determined (Ex. Egeus doesn’t want him and Hermia together but her still tries to find a way )
Lysander falls in love with Helena because Puck mistaken him for Demetrius