midsummer night’s dream act 5

Why does Theseus dismiss the stories of the four young people? he says their dreams are weird and they are lovers and lunatics
Why does Theseus choose to see the play about Pyramus and Thisbe rather than the other entertainments? they choose it because its about love and the actors make it funny (pg149) nothing can go wrong when simple people do their best
Why does Philostrate try to keep Theseus from seeing the play? What does he say is wrong with it? its bad and not for you and up to standards. its painful to watch.
Why does Hippolyta initially seem hesitant to watch the play? she doesnt like to see bad actors act and be pitied
What is accomplished by having the Prologue tell the whole story that the actors are then going to enact? gives background and show the characters helps understand whats going on and lets them know the killing isnt real.
Why does Snug, who plays the Lion, make a fuss about proclaiming his true identity? doesnt want to scare ladies
How does Shakespeare use the comments from the audience to enhance the humor of the play that they are watching? audience are pointing out problems we never noticed them before that are funny
What does Oberon tell the fairies to do? sing and dance with him and bless newly weds
What is the purpose of Robin’s final speech? (talking to real audience) to apologize for messing up and amending things closing the play. if anything offended you think of this as a dream.
does Thesus let Bottom perform his play at the end? no
Theseus insists on seeing the play of Pyramus and Thisbe even though Philostrate warned him it was _________. terrible