Midsummer nights dream ACT 3

Which of the following are problems that the rude mechanicals must find a solution to?A. They cannot bring a wall inB. Snug can’t perform because he’s sickC. The lion roaring may scare the ladiesD. Pyramus killing himself might upset the ladiesE. The moon is going to shine too brightly on the night of the play ACD
Which of these will be included in the rude mechanicals’ prologue as they discuss it during rehearsal?A. Flute is playing the part of ThisbeB. Pyramus really is not Pyramus but rather BottomC. The lion is really not a lionD. The moonlight is not real: it is just a lanternE. The actors will do no harm with their swords BCE
Why does Helena not accept Demetrius’ love when he offers it to her in the forest?A. She knows that he will never love her the way that he loves HermiaB. Lysander wants to marry herC. Hermia has threatened Helena if Helena says that she loves DemetriusD. She believes he is mocking her and making a fool of herE. Puck put potion in her eyes to make her fall in love with Lysander D
What things does Bottom instruct the rude mechanicals to do?A. Get haircutsB. Thisbe should wear clean linenC. Don’t cut the lion’s nailsD. Put makeup onE. Don’t eat garlic BCE
Which is/are not a fairy/fairies?A. PeaseblossomB. CobwebC. Cherry BlossomD. MothfaceE. Mustardseed CD
What was Hermia and Helena’s relationship like before the boy drama?A. enemiesB. RelativesC. Best friendsD. AcquaintancesE. School mates CE
What does Hermia accuse Demetrius of doing?A. Following her into the forestB. Killing LysanderC. Lying to HelenaD. Telling Egeus of Lysander and Hermia’s plan B
Why is Helena afraid of Hermia?A) Hermia will steal Lysander’s love backB) Hermia is big and strongC) Hermia has a weaponD) Hermia knows that Helena wants LysanderE) Hermia wants to claw her eyes out E
What would Demetrius rather give Lysander’s corpse to?A. DonkeysB. RaccoonsC. Wild catsD. VulturesE. None of the Above E
What was the nickname Puck used for Oberon?A. Master of DarknessB. King of ShadowsC. Ruler of NightD. Leader of the ForestE. Savior of the Fairies B
Why do the rude mechanicals want to add prologues to their play?A. So the women aren’t scared of the killing in the playB. to explain the moonlightC. To add more detail to the playD. So people know who the actors areD. To appear more professional and impress the Duke A
What happens first?A. Bottom presents a solution to the lion problemB. Quince poses the issue of killing PyramusC. Bottom is turned into a donkeyD. Bottom sings so that the other actors know he is not afraidE. Titania wakes up and falls in love with Bottom B
How are the ladies not going to be scared of the lion?A. They won’t see the lionB. They will see the face of the man playing the lionC. The lion won’t roar: it will purr, according to Bottom, like a sucking doveD. There won’t be a lion; it will be replaced with a donkeyE. They will write a prologue to explain the lion is not real BE
What does Helena call Hermia in order to insult her about her height?A. AcornB. WalnutC. PuppetD. Tiny Tartar E. Knot Grass C
What does Hermia accuse Demetrius of doing?a. Murdering Lysanderb. Telling her father where they have run away toc. Manipulating her fatherd. Kidnapping Lysandere. Murdering Helena A
What are the rude mechanicals trying to figure out when they look in the almanac?A. What day of the week their play falls onB. At what time the sun sets on the evening of their performanceC. If there is a full moon on the night of their performanceD. If the moon will be shining the night of their performanceE. How to get out of the woods using the north star as a guide D
Why does Oberon send Puck to confuse the two young men?A. Because he wants Puck to mess around with them a little moreB. They offended him, so he is getting revenge.C. He didn’t send Puck to do this. The writer of this question is trying to trick you.D. He doesn’t want them to hurt each other. D
What does Hermia accuse Helena of doing?A) ruining her life by following her into the forestB) Telling Demetrius about her and Lysander’s plansC) stealing Lysander’s heartD) lying to Demetrius and egging Lysander onE) none of the above C
What was the solution to having a wall in the play?A. Write a prologue telling the audience that there is a wallB. Make the play work with nothing for the wallC. Someone will play the wallD. Bring in a real wall with plaster and loamE. Take the wall out of the story and make it a curtain instead C
Why does Bottom begin to sing following his transformation into a donkey?A. He want everyone in the woods to hear his sweet voice.B. He wants to amuse TitaniaC. He wants to prove to the rude mechanicals that he is not afraid.D. He is trying to sing himself to sleepE. He is trying to scare away the evil spirits C
In what way does Puck mess up?A) gives love potion to Lysander instead of DemetriusB) Titania falls in love with donkeyC) two lovers fall in love with TitaniaD) Puck gives Demetrius love potion to fall in love with Hermia A