Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 1 and 2

What are Theseus and Hippolyta discussing at the play’s start ? Their wedding
How does Hippolyta come to be betrothed to Theseus? he conquered her country and won her
Why is Egeus disturbed ? he wants his daughter, Hermia, to marry Demetrius, but she loves and admires to marry Lysander
What will be Hermia’s fate if she refuses to marry Demetrius ? Her fate will be to die, marry Demetrius, or become a nun.
To what do Lysander and Hermia agree ? they will meet on the next night in the woods and escape to Lysander’s aunt’s house to be married
What hope does Helena have by telling Demetrius of Lysander and Hermia’s flight ? Helena follows Demetrius while Demetrius follows Hermia
Who are the Characters in Scene 2 Robin, Fairy, Oberon,Titania, Demetrius, Helena
What are they planning ? Why are they planning this? They are making a play for the Duke Theseus wedding.
Where do they plan to rehearse the next play. palace wood