Midsummer nights dream

Lysander ????A young nobleman of Athens in love with Hermia. ????Although Hermia’s father refuses to let her marry Lysander, Lysander believes that love must conquer all obstacles, so he persuades Hermia to run away from her home and family with him, into the forest
Demetrious ????A young and nobleman Of Athens. In the past, Demetrius acted as if he loved Helena, but after Helena fell in love with him, he change his mind and pursued Hermia. ????Emboldened by Egeus’s approval of him, Demetrius is intrigued by the fact that Hermia does not want him.
Helena ????A young woman of Athens in love with Demetrious. Helena has been rejected and abandoned by Demetries, who had claimed to love her before he met your best friend, Hermia.????Constantly, Helena tends to speak in the self pity tone. ????Moreover, she puts herself in dangers and humiliating situations, running through the forest and nine after Demetrius even though Demetrius wants nothing to do with her.
Robin Goodfellow “Puck” ????A “Puck”or mysterious fairy who delights playing pranks on mortals; he is sometimes referred to simply as Puck. ????Puck is Oberon’s jester, and his antics are responsible for many of the complications that propel the play.At Oberon bidding, Puck sprinkles “love juice”in the eyes of various characters to change who they love, but he makes mistakes in his application that create conflicts Oberon never intended. ????Though Puck claims to make mistakes honestly, he enjoyed the conflict and mayhem that his mistakes cause.
Oberon ????The king of the fairies. ????Oberon begins the play at odds with his wife, Titania, because she refuses to relinquish control of her young Indian prints whom she kidnapped, but whom Oberon wants for a knight. ????Oberon’s desire for revenge on Titania leads him to send Puck to obtain the love potion flower that creates so much of the play’s confusion and farce.
Titania ????The beautiful queen of the fairies. ????Titania resist their attempts of her has been, Obeon, to make a night of the Indian prints whom she is taken. ????Until Oberon gives up his demand, Titiania has sworn to avoid his company and his bed.
Nick bottom ????The overconfident weaver chosen to play Pyramus in a play that a group of craftsman have decided to put on for Theseus’s wedding celebration. ????Bottom is full of advice and self-confidence but frequently makes silly mistakes and misuses language.
Peter Quince ????A carpenter and then nominal leader of the craftsman attempt to put on a play for Theseus’s marriage celebration. ????Quinces often shoved aside by the abundantly confident Bottom. ????Doing the crafts play, Quince plays the Prologue.
Francis Flute The bellows-mender chosen to play Thisbe (are young girl in love) in the craftsman’s play for Theseus’s marriage celebration.
Robin Starveling ????The tailor chosen to play Thisbe’s mother in the craftmen’s play for Theseus marriage celebration.????Robin Starling into playing the part of Moonshine.
Tom Snout The tinkers chosen to play Pyramus’s father in the craftsmens play for the Theseus’s marriage celebration.
Snug The joiner chosen to play the lion in the craftsmen’s play for the Theseus’s marriage celebration.
Philostrate Theseus master of the revels, responsible for organizing the entertainment for the Dukes marriage celebration.
Peaseblossoms, Cobweb, Mote, and Mustardseed The fairies whom Titania orders to wait on Bottom after she falls in love with him.
William Shakespeare ????was born in Stratford upon Avalon, England.????Born on April 23, 1564????Married at age 18, Anne Hathaway????three children: Suzanne, Hamlet, and Judith????1592 in London he was already recognized as an actor and play writer.????Shakespeare was with the (he owned) Globe Theatre(burned down 1613) when Richard Burbage and him were friends.????midsummer nights dream was written in 1595:-23 actors-5 acts and 9 scene????Died April 23, 1618
What is Comedy? A dramatic work that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone and that usually contains a happy resolution of the thematic conflict.
High Comedy Comedy of a sophisticated and witty nature, often satirizing genteel society.Ex: Monty Python skit, and Midsummer nights dream
Low Comedy Comedy that depends on physical actions, broadly humorous or facial situation, and often bawdy or vulgar jokes.Ex: The Simpsons and Family Guy