Midsummer Night Dreams Act 3 Scene 2

What does Hermia believe Lysander is? Dead
Hermia accuses Demetrius of murder, and what does he balme his grim look on? Hermia, because of her refual to love him
After this, what does she think Demetrius did? Hide Lysnader,
After this fight, what does Demetrius do? Lie down for a nap
Does Oberon realize that Puck has done? That he put the spell on the wrong guy
How does Helena feel about this hole trick? She thinks that they are mocking her
Lysander tells Helena what about his previous love with Hermia? That he had poor judgment
What does Demetrius do after waking up from his nap? He wakes up and says that he now loves Helena
How does Lysander feel about Hermia now? He haters her
What does Lysander compare Hermia to? An Ethiop, and a Tartar
Who does Hemria blame for this? Helena
Why does Hermia get offended by Helena calling her a puppet? She thinks that she is being called short
How does Hermia threaten Helena? She says she will peck her eyes out
What does Oberon tell Puck to do to prevent the figtht? Lead them in different directions until they decide to sleep by imitating there voices
How does this go? Puck gets all four to go to sleep, and begins to undo the curse on Lysander