Merchant of Venice: series of events

act 1 scene 1 Antonio is sad and Bassanio asks for money, Antonio says he has no money as it’s all invested in ships but because they’re BFFs he says to try his credit in Venice.
act 1 scene 2 Portia is discussing her situation and all the suitors with Nerissa. A fifth suitor arrives.
act 1 scene 3 Antonio and Bassanio ask for a loan from Shylock with the promise of a pound of Antonio’s flesh if they can’t repay it.
act 2 scene 1 Morocco is trying to woo Portia before he opens the casket.
act 2 scene 2 Lancelot is playing a trick on his blind father. He is leaving Shylock to work for Bassanio who tells Gratiano he must improve his manners if he wants to come to Belmont with him.
act 2 scene 3 Jessica says goodbye to Lancelot and gives him a letter for Lorenzo.
act 2 scene 4 Lancelot passes on the letter. Lorenzo and Gratiano discuss her escape.
act 2 scene 5 Lancelot tells Shylock that Bassanio has invited him to dinner. Jessica is left home alone…
act 2 scene 6 Jessica escapes in boy’s clothes with Lorenzo out the window with Shylock’s money and jewels.
act 2 scene 7 Morocco opens the gold casket but it’s the wrong one.
act 2 scene 8 Salanio and Salarino narrate – Jessica and Lorenzo went to Belmont with Bassanio, Shylock has discovered his daughter, jewels and money gone, some ships have been destroyed at sea but no one knows yet who they belonged to.
act 2 scene 9 Prince of Arragon tries and picks the silver casket. A ‘Venetian’ arrives and Portia hopes it is Bassanio.
act 3 scene 1 Salanio and Salarino tease Shylock who then gives his ‘hath a Jew not eyes’ speech. Hears of Antonio’s bad fortune but also of his daughter’s activities.
act 3 scene 2 Bassanio is about to choose a casket but Portia wants him to wait so she can teach him. He chooses the lead casket, then Nerissa and Gratiano say they also wish to marry. Bassanio hears of Shylock’s plans in court and runs back to Venice to save Antonio.
act 3 scene 3 Antonio begs Shylock to let him go but Shylock refuses so he accepts his fate as long as Bassanio is with him when he dies.
act 3 scene 4 Portia and Nerissa leave for Venice to help Bassanio. They leave Lorenzo and Jessica in charge of the house.
act 3 scene 5 Jessica discusses her misfortunes with Lancelot, then discusses Portia and Bassanio with Lorenzo before dinner – awkward relationship.
act 4 scene 1 Court scene and Bassanio gives his ring to (Portia)
act 4 scene 2 Nerissa plans to get her ring off Gratiano as well so they can test both their husbands’ love for them.
act 5 scene 1 Jessica and Lorenzo ambiguously discuss their relationship. Nerissa and Portia confront the men about the rings, making them apologise before revealing the trick they played on them. Lorenzo and Jessica learn they have all Shylock’s money and Antonio learns 2 of his ships were saved. Gratiano has the last line.